Xbox One vs ps4 Sales in Australia

Sony’s Playstation 4 is outselling Microsoft’s XBox One in Australia and the global markets. Playstation is outperforming XBox in price and features.

A report by the NPD Group consumer market research company in August, indicated that the playstation 4 gaming console was the best gaming console, outselling Microsoft’s Xbox One console in 2013. Both consoles were launched in the Australian market roughly at the same time, and in terms of sales, the PlayStation 4 still outsells the Xbox One this year. However, things started out differently for the PlayStation 4.

The X Box One is cheaper and has better games than Playstation.
The X Box One is cheaper and has better games than Playstation.

Earlier reports showed the Xbox One initially led in sales during the opening weeks. This was perhaps due to the PlayStation 4 always running out of stock. Majority of gamers who bought Microsoft’s Xbox One during this period may have done so because the PlayStation 4 was out of stock.

Microsoft played catch-up during this period, although a consequent press release by Microsoft and the NPD Group in August indicated the PlayStation 4 begun overtaking Xbox One sales worldwide in 2014. This trend was anticipated to carry on through the year with analysts estimating that the playstation 4 sales numbers will eventually outdo the Xbox One.

Reasons Why the PlayStation 4 is Outselling the Xbox One

So why is the PlayStation 4 outselling the Xbox in the Australian, global electronic, and internet affiliate markets? What does the PlayStation 4 offer gamers that the Xbox One? The first guess would be customer brand loyalty. However, there is much more to it than that.

In fact, according to CNET’s Senior Editor, Dan Ackerman, the PlayStation 4 success in the Australian market is down to its simplicity. Sony developed a console that let gamers plug it into a TV and play games. Microsoft however had a much more ambitious approach, and they were not capable of explaining it to consumers. The Xbox One simply crams too many features, distracting users from its primary function, playing video games.

Another factor that might have contributed to Sony’s phenomenal business sales data, at least initially, was the price tag. The PlayStation 4 was originally listed at $399 at launch, $100 less than the Xbox One. Availability of was another factor that contributed to the popularity of the PlayStation 4. The console is available in 57 countries, while the Xbox One is only accessible in 13 countries.

However, Microsoft is not completely out of the fight. The Xbox One has unmatched voice and gesture controls in the entire electronics game industry. No other console holds a candle to the console’s facial recognition capabilities. The company needs to figure out how to combine all these features to improve and enhance on game play on the Xbox One.

Perhaps this is the reason why the PlayStation 4 managed to outperform the Xbox One in the software side. In Australia especially, “Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition” had their record breaking sales on the PS4.  None of the Xbox One game titles has managed to beat the best-selling ps4 game titles this year.

It, therefore, seems that for the time being, the PlayStation 4 platform will continue to outdo the Xbox One in consumer reports, due to its apparent simplicity, accessibility and price. If Microsoft was to outdo the PlayStation 4, games on the xbox one would have to match, and outdo Sony in all these areas.


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