Twelve Reasons Why the Best Website Value is a WordPress Website

Since Wordpress is multifunctional, popular and free, it is the key ingredient to finding a low cost website. All you need is a domain name and hosting to get it online.

As with any other commodity, the cheapest and most functional website is the key to finding the best value. Used by over 60 million website for functionality, the software to run a WordPress Website is free. To get the website online, the only things you will need will be a domain name and hosting. Getting those at a low prices is essential if you intend on keeping your site for an extended period of time.

AFSB Website on a laptop screen
A WordPress Website is a a quality, but an affordable website.

WordPress Website is the best value website for your business or any other purpose. for the following reasons:

1.  You own the website.  The software to make the website is a free and open source software. All you need to buy are your domain name and hosting.

2.  You no longer have to pay a programmer to do build your website.   No HTML or programming knowledge is required.  Your website can look like the best of them.

3. The internet has thousands of tutorials to learn the individual functions of WordPress. Many of those tutorials are on video through YouTube.

4.  You do not have to share with the website owner any revenue earned from internet affiliate marketing or any other earnings from the website. You are the owner.

5. Thousands of themes are available.  Themes are the size, shape and color of your website.   You can change your theme in as little as two minutes.  Themes are also free.affiliate_link

6.  Posting is as easy as typing and clicking post.

7.  Inserting an image is clicking “Upload/Insert”, choosing an image from your computer, and clicking.

8.  With proper hosting, you get unlimited pages.

9.  You get an email address with your domain (example: (That is included at no extra charge with Hostgator and most hosting.)

10. You can access and update your website or email from any computer with internet connection.

11. Over 22,000 plugins are free with WordPress, available at the click of a mouse.  Plugins are software to expand the capabilites of WordPress.

12. Thousands of programmers build plugins and update the old ones to make a name for themselves. You get to use them for free.

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