Custom Wood Work on Your Home

Custom woodwork will make your home look natural, unique and beautiful with distinctive designs.

Custom wood work on your home, usually seen on kitchen cabinets are not necessarily just for kitchens or cabinets. They are natural and beautiful, and can be made throughout the house. There is no reason why fine woodworking in your home has to be limited to cabinets no more than it has to be limited to your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are great for beautifying and modernizing a tired old kitchen.

fancy, custom woodwork design
Custom wood work are natural, appealing and is made especially for your home.

Gone are the days when cabinets were made from metal. Pressed board is in a lot of homes of these days. It doesn’t measure up to honest-to-goodness, solid wood cabinets. Pressed board doesn’t measure up to wood in anything else either. Be it in tables, coffee tables, bed frames, dressers, or even the trim around doors, walls and floors… Wood is where it’s at.

Wood in Every Room of the House

Let’s take a look at some of the favorites when it comes to decorators and how they incorporate wood cabinets and other custom woodwork into each room of your home.

  • The most obvious location is the kitchen wood cabinets aren’t as surprising as wood countertops. Granted wood countertops take a certain level of continuous tender loving care but they are well worth it in the long run. Something else that’s being done is to knock out one of the cabinet fronts and have a custom wood wine rack installed in its place. Especially if you are a wine aficionado.
  • A his and hers bathroom woodworking in a bathroom is not any different than any other room, despite the dampness. Properly treated wood work in a bathroom is perfectly allowable and as a matter of fact is nothing less than stunning. The cabinets underneath the sink and more cabinets mounted on the walls will give you more than enough storage room for towels, cleaning supplies, personals and more.
  • In the laundry room wooden cabinets on the walls and wooden lower cabinets with a countertop for folding is a great way to dress up an ordinarily dreary laundry room. By incorporating some custom molding along the wall to ceiling and baseboards you can complete the look.
  • The living room is a piece of cake an in wall entertainment center, the hearth around your fireplace, wood work around doors and windows, custom made hardwood furniture… Your options are nearly limitless in this room when it comes to custom woodwork.
  • In the bedroom you’re nearly as unlimited here is you were in the living room. A sturdy wood bed frame, dressers, bedside tables, closets and the inner-workings of those closets, another entertainment center if you so choose, and of course your baseboards and moldings can all be made from what? Yes… wood!

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