Wisdom Tooth Extraction Prevents Tooth Crowding and Infections

The cost and pain of wisdom tooth removal is rather modest compared to leaving them in. They are prone to overcrowding and infections.

Tooth crowding and Infections are often caused by wisdom teeth. When they erupt, usually between the ages of 17 and 21, you may be one of the lucky people who does not need them to be removed. However, in more common instances, you will need to have them extracted to prevent painful infections or tooth crowding. Many people can only fit 28 teeth comfortably in their mouths, so these final four molars often do not have enough space to grow properly and need to be removed. Since it is a common procedure, you should not be afraid of it. You can take several steps to help yourself have a successful experience and a quick recovery.

x ray of horizontal impacted wisdom tooth
There is pain in wisdom tooth removal, but leaving them in can cause more pain.

The teeth may come in at an odd angle, due to the lack of space for them to grow straight. If they come through your gums at the sides, it may cause pain to your inner cheeks as you bite or speak. If they come in pointed towards your other teeth, it may mess up the alignment of your existing teeth or have a negative impact on your bite.

Some wisdom teeth cannot even make it through the gums because there is not enough room, making them impacted. Even if they have come through normally, they may be in such a tight space that you are unable to keep them clean, resulting in cavities or infections. If your teeth require removal, there are many ways to prepare for either a normal tooth extraction or for oral surgery.

If your dentist sees that your wisdom teeth cannot be pulled in a normal manner, he or she may suggest that you visit an oral surgeon to get your tooth out. This will require removal of gum tissue or even partial removal of the bone surrounding your tooth, especially if it is impacted. Whether by extraction or surgery, wisdom tooth removal will be accompanied with a local anesthetic to numb the area and keep you from feeling pain during the procedure.

Before you go in, you can prepare by purchasing soft but nutritious foods for after. This may include smoothies, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, or even pasta that is cooked until it is very easy to chew. It can be easy to give up nutrition after your extraction and rely on milkshakes and pudding to get you through, but good nutrition will always help you in any recovery situation, so planning ahead can be the most effective way to keep getting the nutrients you need.

You can also plan ahead by taking enough time off of work, as advised by your dentist.  Some people will recover faster than others, but if you have never had a tooth extraction before, it is hard to guess whether you will be one of those who bounces back quickly. Giving yourself a good window of free time afterwards will help you to take the time you need to get back on your feet.

You should also plan ahead by finding a friend who can drive you to your appointment and stay with you for a few hours after your extraction. Because of the medication, you may not be able to drive yourself and you may even have trouble processing the instructions your dentist in Mississauga will give you regarding your medication and how to change the gauze on your empty tooth sockets.

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