Removal of Impacted or Inflamed Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are hardly used. Its removal is necessary before any signs of complications occur. The symptoms are getting impacted, inflammation and pain.

Wisdom Teeth Removal are necessary because they are hardly used and they can get impacted or inflamed. Not everyone have problems with their wisdom teeth, but those who do have them usually have them removed before the symptoms occur.

x ray of horizontal impacted wisdom tooth
There is pain in wisdom tooth removal, but leaving them in can cause more pain.

There are a variety of different reasons why the teeth are removed. One reason is because they are simply not necessary. The mouth is full of teeth before the wisdom teeth ever grow in, and they are of no use when it comes to speaking or chewing. Some people who have wisdom teeth that are trying to grow in, don’t have enough room in their mouths for them. This means that the wisdom teeth are going to overcrowd their other teeth, or they are going to grow in impacted. The over crowding can cause pain to the person, but it can also cause the teeth to become crooked and uneven.

The dentist has the training and experience needed to be able to remove the teeth successfully, and he will make sure that they are removed just as they should be.

If the individual has already had braces put on their teeth, then all the years of corrective braces can be ruined by their wisdom teeth. The teeth will turn and come together, it will slowly look as if they never had braces at all. Impacted means that they will actually grow under the molars that are already in the mouth, and will cause great pain for the individual. Neither of these situations is ideal, and that is why it is important to just have them removed as a wise precaution. Even if there is room for the wisdom teeth to grow in, it is often going to be very tight in the person’s mouth.

They will have trouble getting between their teeth to floss, and this may cause soreness and bleeding. The pain that they will experience from having their wisdom teeth grow in is also unnecessary and can be completely avoided if they will just have them removed as soon as they start growing in, or before they ever even begin to grow in. Going to the dentist is the best way to have your wisdom teeth taken care of because the dentist will be able to completely remove them for you.

The dentist has the training and experience needed to be able to remove the teeth successfully, and he will make sure that they are removed just as they should be. The first step in the wisdom tooth removal process is to make sure that all of the teeth are looked at. He can see where the roots of the wisdom teeth are located, or if they are even coming in at all, by taking an x-ray of the teeth.

He can then tell the patient where the wisdom teeth are going to come in, and how soon the patient is going to need to have them removed. There is always the option of having the wisdom teeth removed immediately if that is necessary, but most of the time the time the dentist designates is the best time and an appointment can be made.

There are also different ways to remove the wisdom depending on how they are placed in your mouth at the time that they are removed. If some or all of the wisdom teeth have already grown in completely, then removing them isn’t too difficult. They will just be numbed and then pulled out just like you would any other tooth. The roots are somewhat larger though, so the removal may be a little bit more difficult.

If the wisdom teeth are impacted or not yet grown in, then the dentist will have to take a bit of a different approach. He will still numb the mouth and the gums around the area of the incoming wisdom teeth, but will then have to cut into the gums to get the teeth out. This process is generally very successful though, and the dentistwill be able to completely remove the unwanted wisdom teeth from the patient’s mouth.


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