A Friendly Weight Loss Environment by Using Smaller Dishes

One weight loss system is using smaller dishes. Smaller dishes allow you to measure the amount of food you eat easier and eat smaller portions.

A friendly weight loss environment is vital by using smaller dishes when looking for ways to lose weight and improve fitness. One should always assess the size of their dishes as a big dish will mean that you will have a big portion.

small plate of food
Your mind will want to put more food on a large plate. Small plates are good for diets.

Using a smaller plate can help reduce weight in adults but not in young children. This is because children consume almost the same amount of food whether served in a small or a large plate. Research has shown that dishes have grown by 36% since the 1960’s. At least in part, that explains why more people are overweight. Eating certain foods to lose weight is important, but one should also consider the size of his plate.

How to measure the size of your plate

Since an individual is likely to eat more than he or she intends if food is served on a large plate, it is necessary that one learns to measure the size of their plates. Measure the amount of food your bowls, glasses, cups, and plates you often use hold. Put your breakfast cereal into your regular plate and then, measure using a measuring cup to know the amount you consume in a day. One can also weigh the food portions on a scale, or check the nutrition facts on Nutrition Fact labels. The Nutritional fact labels enable consumer to get the facts about the appropriate serving portion sizes. Healthy food choices on foods with low quantities of fats, salt, and sugar and to consume more of fiber and vitamins.

The Delboeuf Illusion

This is a very powerful optical illusion. This is the illusion that tells us that things are smaller compared to larger ones. This is the reason why if you place a small portion of food on a large dish, your mind tells you that you are eating a small piece so you automatically add more to your plate. On the contrary if you had the same amount of food on a smaller plate, you will think that you already had a large portion so you stop adding more. Putting a small amount of food on a large plate and not adding more will make one lose motivation as you will feel that you are denying yourself food and this applies irrespective of the shape of the plate ranging from circle to rectangle to oval. It’s for these reasons that one is advised to use a smaller plate because you will automatically consume less and hence be able to lose weight.


The whole idea of using a small plate to reduce weight becomes useless if one keeps adding food twice or even thrice because he might end up taking much more than he could have had he been served food once on a large plate.

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