How To Do Vintage Fashion and Makeup

If you are a fashion enthusiast and are capturing in the latest old school trends, you can do so by research and perhaps enrolling in a fashion designing classes.

In the world of fashion, everything goes round and round. From shoes to dresses, fashion has a habit of rejuvenating past trends. For instance, the retro age that boomed in between the 60’s and 70’s is continuously re-visited as people revive fashion from these eras. Fashion enthusiasts know for a fact that the cycle is endless when it comes to style that is why it is important to know how to mix and match clothing, shoes, makeup and accessories from different eras altogether.

vintage fashion 70's model
Styles of today often come from the old school fashion of the past.

This may sound difficult for some, especially to those who are just starting their careers as models, designers, cosmetic artists or simply as fashion enthusiasts. Here are some helpful vintage fashion and makeup tips.


To get a feel of the particular vintage fashion that you are trying to project, you need to research it. Know the ins and outs of any particular era by looking into old fashion magazines and reading articles about clothing industry from that time. You can also go to vintage stores to get an idea of what life is all about during those years and that makes people like that certain kind of old school fashion style that you would like to re-create.


Mix and match different colors, styles to see which ones blend and which ones do not. Remember to do this after research because this can affect the type of colors and styles commonly used in that era. You can create your own color palette to make it easier for you whenever you need to match clothing with makeup.

Enroll Into a Fashion School

The best way to know how to blend vintage clothing with makeup is to get formal education from a fashion school. They offer different courses to help aspiring artists learn about designing, dress making, cosmetics and modelling. Fashion schools have long and short term courses so students have the option to find a suitable course depending on their goals and preferences. Rates may vary depending on how intensive the course is so it is best to research before enrolling.

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