How to Handle Special Car Valets

Valets will conveniently park your car for you. Be pleasant to them, as they are trained to do the same to you. Do not leave your valuables.

If you are to go to a high-class restaurant, a hotel, or a very special event, there is a chance that you might meet a car valet or a parking attendant. Their job is very simple park your car so that you will not have to do it. When you go to some place and the service is offered, how should you act?

two car valets waiting for customers
Be courteous and respectful to your car valet, and they will take care of you.

Here are some tips for you on dealing with car valet service:

  • Be nice to them – They have been trained to act nice, courteous, and respectful to their clients. It is important for you to give back the good attitude that they are expected to show. After all, you will not see how they will handle your car once you give them the keys. You do not want them to have a reason to scratch your car, would you?
  • Give them an extra tip – Giving a tip to a car valet is not a bad idea. If you have brought a very expensive car, you might be very nervous to hand it over. Some people, in order to make sure that they handle their car properly, give them tips. But some will not take your tip since some companies do not allow it.
  • Hand nothing but the car key – It is very important for you to hand nothing but your car key. Take time to remove you car key from your keychain if it is attached to one. You would not want them to have access to your other keys like house keys, car trunk keys, or office keys.
  • Tell what the car valet needs to know – If there are some concerns that they need to know, it is important for him to get informed. For example, if your brakes are faulty, then they must be informed about that. If you do not want them going any faster than 20km/h, then you tell him that.
  • Never leave any valuables – You should never bring valuables along when going to a hotel, restaurant, or event if you will only end up leaving in your car. There are instances where people leave valuables in their car and these valuables ultimately get lost. Carry your valuables with you to make sure that they will not get lost.


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