Tips to Successful Travel with Pets

If you are going to bring your pet with you when you travel by plane, get a carrier that is hard on the outside for their protection and soft on the inside for their comfort.

Pets are a part of every household they reside in. They become a part of the family that brings equal joy and displeasure, just like everyone else. Many families would prefer to travel with their dogs or even cats and birds, as opposed to without them. Modern technology is allowing you to bring your them with you wherever you want to go these days.

woman with dog in the grand canyon
It is a pleasure, but also a lot of hassle to bring a pet to your vacation.

As much as the families want them to be, they are not as willing and ready quite like humans. Here are a few tips to helping you travel with your pets in the air, or on the ground. Carefully consider your their health. You can take them on airplanes with you.

Dogs do it all the times, but you can check with your intended airline about other pets allowed onboard. Be considerate of their health though, especially since they are nowhere near accustomed to flying. Be careful not to feed them, four to six hours before boarding. You wouldn’t want them to get air sick. They don’t use air bags as well as humans.

Get a carrier that is both hard on the outside (to protect them) and soft on the inside (for their personal comfort). Also consider their mental health. Begin familiarizing them with the carrier at least a month before you intend to travel. Put them in the carrier for a while to adjust to its feeling. As they adjust to sitting in it, take them for a drive to get used to moving.

The more pets are accustomed to the situation before the flight, the better they will handle it when it comes. They will be less panicky come time to fly. Consider yours and their needs as you travel by car. Not every family hops on a plane for a vacation. Many take a car to and from their vacation spot. Bring food and water for them to eat.

Feed them on a normal schedule but allow them out to drink some water once every hour or so, especially when outside temperatures are warm. They need the cool down. Also bring cleaning supplies to wash your pet before you come home. If you’re planning an outdoor vacation, you’ll want to clean the dog before you pack him in the car again.

Everyone is happier when the fur doesn’t stink of mud and sweat. Prepare to clean the pets as circumstances allow. Also give them a place to be comfortable. If they love to travel in the back seat, leave a space somewhere back there for them. The more comfortable they are, the better behaved they will be throughout the adventure. Leave them space to be comfortable.

No matter how you decide to travel, set off early. Pets offer unique challenges that require an early departure time. Bathroom, water, and escape tactics are all potential distractors that will keep you from reaching your destination on time. Sometimes airlines will require special procedure that can be both confusing and time consuming.

You wouldn’t want to miss your flight because you didn’t give yourself enough time to get your affairs in order. Ensure you’ll have enough time to take care of the unexpected delays by leaving early. Many hotels allow pets to stay the night. Call and ask them.

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