The Ten Most Nutritional Pizza Toppings

Your pizza need not be classified as junk food if you have nutritional pizza toppings. Your favorite food can be a part of a balanced diet.

If you have the right nutritional toppings for pizza, it need not be classified as junk food. Health nuts hold the opinion that pizzas contribute a lot in building a fat layer in their bodies. Such health conscious people want to avoid eating pizzas so that they could maintain a healthy diet plan. However, if you make the correct choice of toppings, pizza might actually be very healthy. By just choosing the right toppings you can continue eating pizzas and still maintain a balanced diet and maintain your body.

If you like pizza, and want to be health conscious, you should know its most nutritional toppings.
If you like pizza, and want to be health conscious, you should know its most nutritional toppings.

Listed below are the ten best pizza toppings which you should consider:

  • Ham: Ham is a very good choice for pizza topping. It contains more protein in it as compared to bacon, sausages, ground beef, etc. It also has the correct amount of fat in it which is favourable for your body. It provides your body with seven grams of fat in every three ounces of serving.
  • Parmesan Cheese: Parmesan cheese is often ignored. It has a lot of benefits and as compared to simple cheese Parmesan cheese has more benefits, as it has more protein content, has very less fat and provides one’s body with the right amount of Calcium. Parmesan cheese might give a different texture as compared to the simple cheese. If you want a diet much lower in fat then you can try using the Parmesan cheese which has reduced fat content in it.
  • Pineapple: If you have the habit of having something sweet right after you finish your meal, you can simply toss some pineapple chunks on your pizza, so that you don’t need dessert afterwards. Pineapple also has tons of other benefits which it provides your body with. One cup of pineapple chunks provides you with the required amount of Manganese, which plays a vital role in the formation of energy inside your body. Pineapple is also rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. These vitamins are very important as they help in improving your eyesight and also help in strengthening your immune system.

  • Low Fat Cheese: If you really need stringy cheese on your pizza then you can try using the low fat cheese and have it tossed onto your pizza. This cheese is a good choice as it is low in fat but still provides your body with nutrients like proteins. This cheese is low in fat and very less in calories. You can sprinkle one cup shredded cheese onto your pizza. One cup provides your body with 203 calories and about 8 grams of fat.
  • Extra Tomato Sauce: If you want more flavour to your pizza you can add more tomato sauce onto your pizza. This tomato sauce is a good source of lycopene. It helps with many things. It protects your body against cancers of stomach, lungs and of the prostate glands. It helps you in getting your goal of getting lean by providing you with just 79 calories per cup.
  • Garlic: Crushed garlic is a very good low calorie topping. It provides your pizza with very less calories. It is just 21 calories in half ounce. Crushed garlic helps in maintaining the good levels of body cholesterol. It also protects your body against atherosclerosis. It is also helps in protecting the body against heart diseases.
  • Diced Chicken: If you want to have low calorie pizza then adding diced chicken is the best option there is. Diced chicken is very low in fat and calories. If you are making a pizza at home you can use this chicken. The option of diced chicken on pizzas is also offered in many restaurants. But when you order a pizza with diced chicken in pizza parlours you have to make sure that you do not serve you with cream sauces as they contain saturated fats and are very high in calories.
  • Mushrooms: Adding mushrooms to your pizza is a very smart choice as mushrooms not only boost up the flavour of your pizza but also provide you with extra energy once you eat it. Mushrooms provide you with about 2.2 grams of proteins, though it provides your body with just 15 calories per cup. Mushrooms are highly recommended for cancer as they protect against prostate cancer. Mushrooms also provide you with selenium which protects you against free radicals.
  • Broccoli: Topping your pizza with vegetables is another smart move. You can toss some broccoli on to your pizza if you are concerned about a more balanced diet. Broccoli is very nutritious as it contains vitamins A, C and K. it also provides your body with folate and many minerals.
  • Spinach: Spinach is the number 1 topping for pizza. It is very nutritious. Vitamin K is found in spinach in very high concentrations which helps in proper clotting of blood. It also has about 13 different flavonoids which help protect against cancer.

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