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The articles on this site are for information use only. Articles for Small Business (AFSB) makes no guarantees about any firm, product or services mentioned on this site. You are urged to consult a professional before trying any business products and services suggested by the articles on AFSB.  Should you try the products or procedures without consulting a professional, you will not hold AFSB responsible for any consequences that may have happened as a result. However, you may give AFSB credit for its benefits 🙂

Information Collected and Stored

Information collected and stored is to provide better services to our readers.  Information, other than names and email addresses, especially information private in nature,  is not stored by AFSB unless required to do so by law. If such information is disclosed, it is disposed of properly to insure others will not have access to such information. AFSB will not share or sell any information, nor will AFSB entertain individuals or firms who request it.

Email Policy

AFSB recognizes the worldwide spam problems. AFSB follows strict compliance to anti-spam law, and does not sell or give away reader information nor participate in sending out mass emails to its readers.


Articles for small business follows strict adherence to the invasion of privacy laws. If our readers become associated with affiliate marketing programs suggested by AFSB, it may be necessary to disclose information such as physical addresses, credit card numbers, social security numbers and birthdays to those affiliates. The reader and the affiliate bears the responsibility for the disclosure. AFSB strongly discourages its readers and its affiliates the disclosure of such information to AFSB, unless it is necessary to complete a transaction. AFSB will not store such information unless required to do so by law.

AFSB’s role with agreements between readers and affiliates is one of referrer only.  If a dispute arises between the reader and affiliate, AFSB’s actions are confined to suggestions of how it could be resolved. AFSB’s responsibility is confined to the return of any commission received from the affiliate, if any, should the transaction be voided. However, return of such said commission must be strictly defined by the affiliates terms of service.

AFSB reserves the right to terminate any agreement with any affiliate without reason or cause in the absence of debt by either party. If such a debt exists, the termination of such agreement will not take place.

The Use of Images

The images on AFSB are either owned by AFSB, used with permission or photos in the public domain where the only requirement, if any, would be a link back to its source. You are free to use any image, unless it is stated that you may not at the page where the image is. The link is provided on the bottom of the article. If you use any images, owned by a third party, you must link back provide a trail to its original source.

AFSB recognizes that the ownership of images used are sometimes nebulous. Sometimes, they are uploaded by those who do not own the images,  or a “public domain” button was incorrectly pushed when uploading the image to a photo sharing site. AFSB urges owners of images to contact AFSB if their ownership rights of the such images are violated, and it will promptly be removed.

All images owned by AFSB used on this site is hereby public domain. Images not owned by AFSB have been properly attributed, or should have been. Please let us know.

Although AFSB owns the rights for those labeled as AFSB images for being the photographers, written releases have not been obtained from the identifiable people. Therefore AFSB cannot guarantee that you may use such images for any purpose.

Otherwise, you can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, without asking permission except for pornographic or other unlawful purposes. In return, you must link back to the image.


Because of impersonation, one search engine problem is authorship. Many of the articles submitted have not included an author.  Some were in the name of the sender who was not necessarily the author. Whatever name was included, they have been labeled them as “author” although this is not necessarily so.

There was a time when Google Panda was apparently targeting guest posts. The “author’s” published name was eliminated. Panda or not, it was decided to publish the authors at a later date. But, in eliminating the author’s name from the published records, some of the records were lost.

If you are an author and feel you have not been properly acknowledged, have submitted an article an no longer want the article published, or a want to change or add links to your site, please contact.

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