The Medical Benefits of Karate

Since you need to exercise anyway, why not it be martial arts, like karate? In addition to being healthy, you will learn to defend yourself.

We have all heard of oriental medicine, but few of us have ever really tried it. After all, what can a few needles really do? What people do not realize is that there is yet another non-traditional medicine that comes from our friends in the East and it comes in the form of martial arts. Karate vs Taekwondo? Both are important culturally and physically.  Karate originated in Japan and Taekwondo in Korea.

man practicing karate near a lake
If you are going to exercise, it might as well be karate or some form of martial arts. Then, you can also learn to defend yourself.

Those that practice the martial arts know that there are surprising amounts of health benefits that come with participating in these sports.  Different styles and variations are taught, but have basically the same result. The health benefits often translate into less medical problems.

Of course, Karate is a great form of exercise. Karate teaches you moves that keep your body active, which in turn keeps your brain active. It can help trim your form down and keep off extra fat, while also enhancing your muscles and strength. If you have never tried to do Karate, you may not realize that while it does do all of those things, it also enhances your hand-eye coordination.

This may seem like a trivial thing, but it is not in terms of situational awareness. Karate is a sport of self-defense, which mean you must always been on your guard. That means you are always aware of dangers in your social and business encounters. There are potential threats surrounding us at every angle and when protecting yourself with a weapon is not an option, your body is your only weapon.

However, you will never get the upper hand of an attacker if your hand-eye coordination is not up to speed and you are not completely aware of your surroundings at all times. This is what Karate can teach you to pay attention to to the point that you do not even realize that you are doing it.

With a lot of practice, another trick Karate can teach you is how to balance yourself. Initially, this can be much harder than it sounds. There also does not seem to be a lot of payoff for now. However, with old age comes the ever increasing potential danger of sustaining an injury while falling. This can be easily avoided with a little training. Karate increases the time it takes for you to react and therefore if a fall does occur, you would be able to either balance yourself or catch yourself at a much quicker rate than otherwise.

If possible, start your children young. It has been proven that when you excite the body and mind through martial arts, children academic performance also improves. And it may come as a surprise but, it is not healthy to not have a group of friends that are all passionate about the same thing together. Those that belong to organizations such as churches have proven to live longer.

There are opportunities for anyone to get involved in these health-promoting activities including children who are interested in studying the martial arts.

There is a martial arts summer camp in place specifically for those children in Provo Utah. Champion Karate West does not just teach Karate, but also offers Brazilian, as well as Taekwondo.

What to Know about Skin Care by Chemical Peel

A professional chemical peel is an alternative to anti- ageing procedures to get rid of cellulite, wrinkles, sagging skin, stretch marks, black heads…

One of the many problems with getting old is slowing the aging process. When that realization hits, people look to products and other ways to stay looking young. When you look young you feel young. When your spirits are high, you are able to accomplish much more.  Feeling old and tired are often the result of looking as such.

A chemical peel are a favored cosmetic procedure by helping to get rid of cellulite, wrinkles, sagging skin, stretch marks, black heads, light scarring, pimples, other skin blemishes and other skin care. Get professional advice.
A chemical peel are a favored cosmetic procedure by helping to get rid of cellulite, wrinkles, sagging skin, stretch marks, black heads, light scarring, pimples, other skin blemishes and other skin care. Get professional advice.

There are many types of medical procedures that help stay looking young. Most of them involve altering the physical appearance. Anti aging skin care that involves simpler procedures are creams, exercise and a good diet. Controversial medical procedures include botox and plastic surgery. One procedure which many fail to look at are chemical peels. Skin care physicians can give you ideas of the many options you have.

What is good about chemical peels?

If you have been having skin problems, you may consider a chemical peel skin care procedure. Do proper research on the websites of medical institutions that provide chemical peel. Call them and visit them. Look at before and after chemical peel images from those who had the procedure done. Ask a skin care physician in good business standing questions, in order to make a sound decision.What it does is remove the top layer of the skin and allow for a regrowth of cells. This means that it can be good for curing most skin blemishes. If you have acne, there is a special chemical peel for that. If your skin has different pigmentation, you get a special chemical peel to fix it.

Most of the time, they are used to rejuvenate skin by shedding the top layer and triggering a re-growth of skin. This is why they are a favoured cosmetic procedure. They help getting rid of cellulite, wrinkles, sagging skin, stretch marks, black heads, light scarring, pimples and other skin blemishes.

What is ugly about them?

Your skin has a self-balancing PH level to maintain healthy protection from pathogens. If you over process your skin, the chemicals may alter your skin PH and expose you to pathogens. You must always ensure that you have your chemical peel done by a physician trained in professional cosmetics. This way you can avoid mishaps. Some people end up ruining their skin with chemical burns, permanent scarring due to too much peels and uneven pigment.

The risks and side effects chemical peels

Every procedure has some positive outcome and possible side effects. Some people experience hypersensitivity on the area that has been treated. Some peels are too deep hence expose your skin to UV rays therefore exposing you to possible cancer. You may be exposed to infection since a layer that is protective is peeled away and it takes some time to grow back.

Sometimes a peel can lead to dry skin and discoloration. If you have it done unprofessionally, you may even end up with burns or uneven skin tone. Make sure that you do your research well before settling for a chemical peel. Examine chemical skin peel before and after photos, or even interview those who have tried it.  Understand how it works and how to prevent any of the mishaps that it may come with.


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Top Causes of Hair Loss

Men can start hair loss in their 30s, women 40s or 50s. The causes are usually family history, medical conditions, and medical treatments.

Hair loss is one of the things that most adults worry about. Once a person reaches adult hood, there is a high tendency for him to suffer from balding. It is usually the men who suffer from early balding. Balding in men could start as early as their thirties. Women usually start to lose their hair in their forties or fifties. There are a number of causes of balding or hair loss.

Balding is genetics in which there is no cure.
Balding is genetics in which there is no cure.

Here are some of those causes:

  • Family history If a person’s parents or grandparents have suffered from early balding, then there is a huge chance that he will lose some of his hair early in his life as well. Balding is a condition that is inherited. Of course, if a person has a family history of early balding, then he could do little to prevent balding. But he could always look for a business that sells wigs or toupees , so he can cover his bald spots.
    • Medical conditions Usually, people suffer from hair loss because of various medical conditions. There are some conditions that force people to lose their hair fast. Some of the medical conditions that could promote hair loss include scalp infection, hypothyroidism, thricotillomania, and telogen effluvium. Hair loss is usually a symptom for a lot of conditions and that is why people should consult their doctor right away if they start to lose hair.
  • Medical treatments Aside from medical conditions, medical treatments and therapies can also force people to lose hair. Probably the most popular form of medical treatment which leads to hair loss is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is one of the most effective treatments against cancer. This therapy cures cancer, destroy cancer cells, and help cancer victims deal easily with the cancer symptoms. But unfortunately, hair loss is one of its side effects.
  • Medications Medications can also lead to hair loss. There are just some drugs which make hair fall out or even prevent it from growing. Some drugs are not that common since they are only taken to treat rare diseases. Nevertheless, a number of common drugs, most of which can be purchased over the counter, can also lead to hair loss. Examples of these drugs include anti-convulsants, anti-thyroid medications, beta-blockers, and anti-coagulants.

These are just some of the top causes of balding. People should never freak out if in case they suffer from hair loss. All they have to do is to go to their doctor and calmly accept what the doctor has to say to them. Just like there is no medical cure for cancer, there is no cure for balding. Balding is natural and it should never be something to be ashamed of.


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Tips for Healthier Feet

Studies show that visiting your podiatrist and having proper foot hygiene is essential because spending more time on your feet lowers mortality rate.

You may not think it, but the health of your feet is an essential component of leading an overall healthy lifestyle. After all, we generally spend a large chunk of our day standing, walking, or running, with some professions requiring people to be on their feet for 10+ hours at a time. As we’ve come to know, not spending enough time on your feet can be even more detrimental—a study released in 2010 by the American Cancer Society showed that above-average couch time was associated with a 17% higher mortality rate in men and a 34% higher mortality rate in women over a 14-year period. Staying on your feet certainly is not a cancer cure, but it is probably a prevention.

For most people, simply choosing properly fitting shoes with ample cushioning will be enough. However, some individuals whose professions require them to be on their feet for extended periods of time, or those who have preexisting foot issues may need specialized footwear.
For most people, simply choosing properly fitting shoes with ample cushioning will be enough. However, some individuals whose professions require them to be on their feet for extended periods of time, or those who have preexisting foot issues may need specialized footwear.

The importance of having strong, healthy feet is an undeniable medical fact, but how exactly do you go about maintaining healthier feet? Below are 4 tips for doing so:

1. Practice Proper Foot Hygiene and Care
The first step to maintaining good foot health is making sure that your feet receive proper daily care. That means keeping them hydrated with lotion during the day to avoid fissures and cracking, applying sunscreen when your feet are exposed to direct sunlight, properly cutting your toenails (straight across) to avoid ingrown toenails, and making sure your feet are completely dry after taking a shower, going swimming, etc.

2. Invest in the Right Shoes
Just as no two body types are alike, no two pairs of feet are the same. With that in mind, it’s important to invest an appropriate amount of time—and money—into finding the right size, style, and brand of shoes that will be the most beneficial to the health of your feet. For most people, simply choosing properly fitting shoes with ample cushioning will be enough. However, some individuals whose professions require them to be on their feet for extended periods of time, or those who have preexisting foot issues may need specialized footwear.

Manufacturers like Orthofeet Dr. Comfort Shoes, and Aestrex are in business to provide extra wide, deep, and therapeutic shoes for people who need a bit more out of their daily footwear.

3. Change it Up
It’s no secret that your feet sweat—a lot. All of the sweat builds up as the day progresses, collecting in your socks and shoes. Not only do things get a bit smelly, but that moisture can also lead to some nasty infections and foot fungus if your shoes do not have ample time to dry after a full day’s use. Make sure that you change your socks every day, and avoid wearing the same pair of shoes several days in a row if possible.

4. Visit a Podiatrist
If you are having foot pain or just general issues with your feet, it’s important to consult a podiatrist before things escalate further. Since finding the right podiatrist may be little bit more difficult considering you don’t normally consult with one on a regular basis, the American Podiatric Medical Association provides an online database of qualified podiatrists throughout the country to help in your search.



4 Important Medical Tests for Your Next Physical Exam

Some medical tests could save your life. Here are simple medical test suggestions to ask your doctor about for your next physical exam.

Most people go to the doctor only when they are having medical symptoms or not feeling well. Worse, many of us actually avoid the doctor, whether it’s because we’re afraid of needles, other sick people, or the mere sight of those cold, paper-covered examination tables.

To keep your body as healthy as possible, it’s important to have regular medical examinations.
To keep your body as healthy as possible, it’s important to have regular medical examinations.

But it’s important to have regular medical examinations. It’s the same idea as having car maintenance every 3,000-5,000 miles—preventative care. You only have this one body, so why not keep it as healthy as possible?

Here are some of the medical tests you should ask for at your next checkup or schedule for the next one.

1. Blood pressure

Blood pressure screenings aren’t the fanciest of tests, but that just makes it easier for you. Screenings usually don’t require more than a sphygmomanometer, so make sure you wear a short-sleeve shirt for easy access to your arm. Elevated blood pressure could be a sign of heart disease, stroke, and excess stress.

Unfortunately, most patients tend to be pretty nervous when they visit the doctor’s office, which can cause a rise in blood pressure readings. If you have existing problems with high blood pressure, you may want to invest in an at-home machine to monitor blood pressure readings. But when you’re at the doctor’s, try to remain calm and take deep breaths before and during the test.

2. Colonoscopy

According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancers are the third most common cancer in men and women. There’s about a 1 in 20 risk of developing colorectal cancer in your life. Until there is a medical cure for cancer, this uncomfortable test will be necessary for early detection. Even if you don’t show any signs or risk factors for colorectal cancer, you should definitely ask for annual colonoscopies beginning at age 50. Colonoscopies can also help detect digestive issues.

The test involves a long, thin tube with a tiny camera attached to the tip. The doctor guides the tube into the patient’s colon. Polyps and abnormal tissue can be removed through the scope. Recently, doctors have been using virtual colonoscopies, which use tomography scans to create an image of the colon. This is more comfortable for the patient, but studies show that virtual colonoscopies tend to miss things more than the traditional colonoscopy.

3. Skin cancer

Dermatologists can perform yearly skin exams to detect signs of the three most common forms of skin cancer—melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma. Usually, the first sign of skin cancer is a change in the size, shape, or color of a mole. Asymmetrical moles may also be an indicator of skin cancer. During the exam, your dermatologist will go over your entire body and look at moles, growths, and lesions. Just make sure you remove all nail polish from your fingers and toes—dermatologists check your nails and nail beds as skin cancers can form there.

4. Stress

With work, family, personal finances, and all the little, everyday problems that crop up, it’s easy to feel stressed out every now and then, but studies show that constant stress has some very real, very harmful effects on the body, including nausea, chest pains, digestion issues, and frequent colds.

A stress test administered by your doctor determines if there is enough blood flowing to and from your heart during times of increased activity or stress. Essentially, the doctor wants to see how much stress your heart can handle before it starts showing an abnormal rhythm or ischemia. This usually involves running or jogging on a treadmill or pedaling a stationary bike for a set period of time. The results of the test can point to signs of coronary artery disease, identify abnormal heart rhythms, and develop a safe, healthy workout. From there, you can discuss ways to decrease stress or prevent stress overload to ensure good heart health.

Remember that going to the doctor is about more than just scary shots and physicals. These simple tests could save your life. Consult your doctor for the best tests to promote good health.

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Truths Behind Common Health Myths

Common health myths still prevail like cracking your knuckles causes arthritis, red meat is bad for you and hydrogen peroxide reduces infections.

In spite of the world of health and medicine becoming an expansive field, there are some common health myths and therefore, the truth behind them is usually hidden. Being filled with pills, medical equipment suppliers, and uncounted doctors, nurses, and professionals in the medical business, whom go out of their way to save people’s lives, doctors are constantly making new discoveries about the human body. This has paved the way for conflicting opinions and contradictory information.

Red meat isn’t bad for you. Processed meat is.
Red meat isn’t bad for you. Processed meat is.

Let’s take a look at some of the prevailing myths in the medical world and the truths behind them.

1. Cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis.

After typing up part of your novel or moving around some heavy furniture, cracking your knuckles just feels great. It relieves the pressure and just plain sounds cool, but your mom told you time and time again that cracking your knuckles too much would eventually lead to arthritis.

But let’s take a step back at what cracking your knuckles actually does. Contrary to what your mom thinks, that cracking noise doesn’t come from popping your joints out of place or grinding your bones together. The sound actually comes from tiny gas bubbles popping in the fluid of the joints of your fingers, and as the results of a fifty-year study showed, cracking your knuckles won’t cause arthritis, so keep on cracking. Just remember that some people find the sound more annoying than others.

2. Hydrogen peroxide is the best product for disinfection.

Just about everyone has a bottle of hydrogen peroxide somewhere in the home. It’s your go-to product when you need to disinfect a wound, from paper cuts to skinned knees. The problem: it doesn’t actually work. Studies show that hydrogen peroxide has little to no effect in reducing the bacteria count and that it fails to clear up infections. In fact, the only thing it might do is flush out debris thanks to the pouring motion.

The better solution would be to wash the wound with water and use antibiotic creams and ointments, like Neosporin, to heal and protect them from potential infection. Remember, antibiotics only work on bacterial infections (versus viruses), and an infected wound is just that.

3. Red meat is bad for you.

Various studies show how the steak on your plate will raise your cholesterol and cause your heart and blood vessels to jump right out of your body. Others say that red meat is implicated in diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. The big problem with these studies is that they don’t differentiate between processed and unprocessed meat.

Seems insignificant. Frankly, red meat alone isn’t bad for you. Processed meats, which are designed to last longer than fresh meat from the butcher, contain various salts, additives, and preservatives to ensure that they’ll practically survive a nuclear fallout. Those additives are what actually can cause heart disease, cancer, and obesity. The main reason we’re more likely to reach for the processed hot dogs and bacon over a fresh T-bone has to do with price and preparation. Think about it. You could get two weeks worth of processed deli meats for a fraction of the price of fresh meat.

Red meat isn’t bad for you. Processed meat is. Try going the extra effort to pick out your favorite cut of meat from your local butcher. Your taste buds will thank you too. You don’t have to sacrifice great taste.

Just remember: health isn’t all that complicated. Stay active, eat whole foods, and take care of yourself. You’ll be just fine.



Looking for Prostate Cancer News?

When you, or a loved one has prostate cancer, you look for prostate cancer news. You need to vent and talk to someone with experience with your issues.

When you or a loved one has prostate cancer, you look for prostate cancer news.  You know that you shouldn’t go at it alone. It’s hard to feel like you have complete control over a situation like that.  When you need prostate cancer news or you just need to talk to someone, contacting a person who you know has experience with your same issues can make a huge difference. You shouldn’t have to face these things on your own, and when you want some help, it should only take a phone call to get it.

Normal Cancer Division
When you need prostate cancer news and you want to talk to someone who can not only provide you with a helping hand, but also with some advice as well, you might want to think about contacting a foundation that can give you some great advice about dealing with this illness.

Having a Disease is Hard

When you are dealing with medical issues that are difficult, you may want to simply give up. Life is tough, and we often have to face situations we are not ready for. When you have a good support system, however, you will be surprised at how much a little help can change how you feel. Going at serious problems alone can actually hurt you more than taking the time to talk about your worries and fears and what has been bothering you as you go through these difficult times. You shouldn’t go at these things alone, and having someone there can make the process of recovery all the more gratifying.

Talking with Those Who Care

If you live on your own and have no immediate family nearby, you might want to think about being in contact with a group who can provide you with some support. When you need prostate cancer news and you want to talk to someone who can not only provide you with a helping hand, but also with some advice as well, you might want to think about contacting a foundation that can give you some great advice about dealing with this illness. Just because you don’t have friends or family nearby doesn’t mean you have to suffer with your disease on your own. In fact, you can have someone knowledgeable and who cares about you at your side, helping you to beat your disease and move on with your life.

Cancer Can Be Beat

Even when you feel like you are on your own or you just feel like you can’t go through all that cancer throws at you, there is still hope for recovery. You shouldn’t have to face these things on your own. Having someone there to help you can make you think more positively and can help you turn the way you look at the situation around. This type of cancer and other cancers can be cured and other cancers. With the newest in prostate cancer news, a positive attitude, and support from those you love, you can end up happy and healthy. Much of it is just believing that things are going to turn out okay. When you have people who care about you and the best in doctors and nurses, you will know that everyone around you is doing the best they can to make sure that you come out of this okay and ready for a long, happy life with those you love.