Taking Care of Your Body through Hydrotherapy

For aches an pains, relaxing, loosening up, and rehabilitation, try hydrotherapy. It is therapy that involves water. It is a great relief for many ailments.

Hydrotherapy is one of the  effective ways which we can maintain and take care of our bodies.  It is the practice of medicine that involves water. It can be used for treatment, physical therapy, occupational therapy and relieving chronic pain. All aspects of the water including the temperature have been found to aid in curing and relieving pain and assisting in rehabilitation of muscles.

woman in hydrotherapy in a tub
Hydrotherapy helps in curing and relieving pain.

A common example of how hydrotherapy works is when an athlete uses water to aid in healing. Cold water is supposed to help remedy overworked muscles and assist with bruises. Warm water helps soothe overworked muscles and help with stretching and relaxation. Working with patients in water provides a different element and can lead to breakthroughs with clients who were unsuccessful in other forms of therapy.

Another increasingly popular form of hydrotherapy involves the colon. Water is used to flush out the intestines from blockage and build up caused by an unhealthy diet or food allergies. A combination of warm water and pressure are used to expand the colon and then after the pressure is released, the water and build up from the colon are flushed out.

What Are The Benefits?

When it comes to using water for rehabilitation purposes, it allows for those who are injured to strengthen their muscles. The resistance of the water allows them to move their muscles when they otherwise might not be able to. Using cold water baths for athletes helps speed up recovery time and promotes healing of torn muscles from a workout. Warm water helps with relaxing the muscles which can lower stress levels and promote flexibility. Hydrotherapy for occupational therapy can help those who suffer from anxiety or have problems focusing. Working with them in water provides a different element and can lead to breakthroughs with clients who were unsuccessful in other forms of therapy.

When using hydrotherapy for the colon, you are internally cleansing your system. The colon and intestines are essentially the center of health for your entire body. When the gut is irritated or inflamed this can lead to a number of other problems like depression and obesity. The colon hydrotherapy helps to eliminate water weight, clears the digestive track and leads to the growth of healthy bacteria within the body. It sounds uncomfortable or potentially scary but it is neither of those things. Many people rave about how much better they feel after a session.