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Articles for Small Business is a free article submission site where you can submit marketing, insurance, or other business related article about any business.

It is easy to submit a business related article on small business. If you would rather rank on merit  and are not out to spam or fool the search engines, simply submit the article. There are no word count requirement, as long as you make your point. Unique, unpublished articles only, please.

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Guest Posts help to promote your site.

Guest posts are through mutual understanding between the writer and AFSB. If you no longer want your guest post on AFSB, simply request to have it removed. At any time, AFSB reserves the right and to remove it. Efforts will be made to contact the writer if such decisions are made.

Keywords help the search engines find your guest post.  Links on your guest post help them navigate to your site. Links will be nofollow to avoid suspicion of it being a link scheme by Google. Although nofollow links are not counted as a ranking criteria, web crawlers use them for navigation and Google does count them. You can check this through Google Webmaster Tools.

Guest posts are meant to improve search engine results and therefore should follow Google Webmaster Guidelines.  Although all efforts will be made to publish the article as is, they may be edited for grammar and violation of these guidelines. Articles maybe removed by request, relevance or rejected for any reason.

No payments are expected from anyone who submits an article nor does AFSB pay for any article. You may put a reasonable amount of links to your site or your on your article. Again, nofollow.

Your email will not be shared with anyone. Inquire or send articles to

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