Using Straight Razors, the Best Men’s Razors

Straight razors for men’s shaving will last a lifetime. The leading blades are not cheap, so you might first try the disposable ones.

The act of shaving is manly in of itself, but how about shaving with a large blade in your hand? Nothing impresses the ladies more than being able to handle sharp things proficiently, and straight razors definitely count. The good news is that not only is it impressive-looking, but it delivers the absolute best results in the world of razors. Our great-grandfathers had it right all along. Here’s why and how you can join them in some great shaving with one of the best men’s razors on the market.

different straight razors and accessories
Just like what the barber shop uses, the straight razors are the best for shaving.

The Benefits

The first benefit is, of course, an ultra-smooth face. Men that spend hundreds on top quality electric razors or double, triple, and quadruple blades still can have major irritation problems. Rashes, bumps, nicks, and pain are things of the past when using a straight razor.

Though a straight razor may have a large upfront cost, somewhere within $100-$300, it is the last blade you will buy for the rest of your life. No more cartridges to buy, the same straight razor will last and stay sharp for years and years. This will save you money, but it will also save on waste. The straight razor is environmentally friendly, and substantially reduces your shaving carbon footprint.

Buying a Straight Razor

Buying a straight razor is a substantial financial commitment. The best thing to do before deciding you want to use a straight razor is to buy a disposable one from a drugstore. By the time your razor dulls, you will probably have a good idea whether this method of shaving is for you. If you decide you like it, shop around for a good quality razor.

Cheaper straight razors are still expensive, so it is better to find one more likely to please you your entire life. Find a well-tempered, size 5/8 blade. These are the best and easiest to handle especially for beginners. You’ll have your choice between rounded or sharp tips on your blade.

It is suggested to go with rounded as sharp tips are more likely to lead to cuts. You may find other equipment, such as shaving brushes, soaps, and brush holders, convenient to use with a straight razor. They are not necessary, but may improve the performance of the straight razor.

How to Use It

The straight razor may be intimidating; it is a big, sharp knife after all. How do you even hold the thing? Well, every straight razor user will have his own take on it, but there is one basic hold that most start from and customize it if they feel more comfortable. Rest your pointer, middle, and ring finger against the back of the blade. Place your pinkie finger under the tang part of the handle.

Your thumb goes in a natural position on the side of the blade towards the middle. This hold gives your hand control without making it too easy to apply too much pressure. You’ll need to adjust your fingers a little while shaving parts of your upper lip and under your chin. It will take practice to get shaving with one of the best men’s razors down to a science, but it will improve your skin, face, and self-confidence.

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