7 Ways To Help Your Spider Veins To Go Away

Sclerotherapy is one way of eliminating spider veins, but there are methods to assist in eliminating the ailment without this costly procedure.

There are at least 7 ways to help your spider veins yo Go Away. Many people suffer from varicose veins as they get older, and the problem is applicable to men as well as women, although women notice them more as they are more concerned with their appearance. However, before varicose veins make an appearance, you may notice small thread like veins, usually in the legs, and these are spider veins. They are different in appearance to varicose veins, but are caused by some of the same reasons. The valves in the veins become weak after pushing blood against gravity all of the life.

illustration of spider veins in a leg There are ways of helping to get rid of spider veins without costly medical procedures.

Although spider veins can be unsightly, especially if you are looking closely, they can also by very itchy and uncomfortable too. Sometimes they will give a burning sensation too that cannot be stopped until it wears off. Of course many people choose to have spider vein removal treatment via sclerotherapy. This is a very effective form of treatment for spider veins and it causes them to effectively seal off, making the unpleasant symptoms disappear. However, there are some natural ways of addressing spider veins. Here are a few things that can help:

  • Don’t stand or sit in one place for long periods of time. Ensure you get up to stretch your legs or move around at regular intervals as this will get the circulation moving properly and more effectively.
  • Lose some weight if you are overweight. Of course not just people with weight problems get spider veins or varicose veins but they cause more issues for those who carry excess weight
  • Massage is not only a great way to relax but it also helps the blood flow and circulation, thus alleviating and even preventing spider vein problems
  • Don’t cross your legs as this causes more pressure
  • Reduce your salt intake (although this isn’t specifically for spider veins but it can contribute to these issues)
  • Alcohol can lead to spider veins problems. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels all over the body and continued and extended use of alcohol can lead to vein problems such as spider veins and varicose veins. Overuse of alcohol can be seen in red spider veins on the faces of people who drink to excess regularly
  • Compression stockings are one of the best aids to helping any form of varicose or spider vein problem. They work by contracting the legs, thus increasing the circulation. However, you should seek medical advice before using these to ensure you don’t overdo it and cause more problems.

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