Some Ideas for Your Son’s Birthday

There are many ideas to make your son’s birthday memorable with a party celebration of themed activities.

Planning that special party for your young son’s birthday is an extremely important task. You adore your son and want to make his next one a memorable and happy experience. They only come around once a year after all, and they should be celebrated, not forgotten. What can you do to make sure that your son’s next birthday is a smashing success?

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Many ideas come to mind when planning activities for your son’s birthday party.

For a birthday present, find out what he really likes. Little boys get into new fads all the time. Back when Power Rangers were popular, everyone wanted anything and everything Power Rangers. More recently, Angry Birds and the Minions became the thing to talk about.

Everyone was talking about it and looked for any excuse to be a part of it. As you can imagine, families that planned parties according to these themes found incredible success with them. YouTube videos were posting of Angry Bird cakes. They set up a cake to resemble the game.

It came complete with a cake bird and a slingshot to shoot at pigs and cake beams. Although this may not be the best cake idea for your boy—depending on his age—it is a perfect illustration of how you can incorporate a theme into anything you make.

If you’re struggling to find a theme that your child would like, there are a few good fall back ones that are timeless. For instance, make a pirate themed party. Get a few pirate flags, eye patches and fake treasure to put up in the house. Prepare a scavenger hunt for the kids and draw out a treasure map where “X” marks the spot of the treasure. First one to find the treasure wins a special prize. Consider making multiple destinations so that everyone can have a piece of the treasure.

Bake cookies in the shapes of skulls, chests and parrots. Give the birthday boy a pirate’s hat and dress up yourselves. Invite everyone with pirate themed invitations that are mailed, handed, or slipped into the households of his dearest friends and family. Consider throwing a bounce house into the mix to give the pirates a place to bounce around.

Another idea is to create a carnival like setting without the carnival rides. Decorate everything in red and white vertical stripes. Bake lollipop like cookies or provide the real things. Hire a face painter and a magician to come cater to all of the kids needs. Rent a festive bounce house from Utah neighbors or companies and let them have at it. Other decorations can include a working jack-in-the-box, a bean bag toss, a popcorn or cotton candy stand and a tiger jumping through a flaming hoop.

Perhaps you should skip over the tiger part. Finally, everyone loves a good fight between the Cowboys and Indians. In a similar way, dress up your house and the party to reflect the Wild West. Get your boy a cowboy hat, a flannel shirt and a pair of good jeans. Give him a fake stick horse to ride around on and tell your guests to do the same. Hold a fake duel and give them a bounce house to relieve all of their boisterous energies.

These are just a few ideas for your son’s birthday party,  to spruce it up. Think up a few other ideas that can cater to your son’s interests to make it the best of his life.

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