Solar Water Heating, a Family Friendly Home Improvement

An affordable and efficient way of making your home heating system more efficient to reduce your heating bill is by installing the solar water heating.

Living in the climate in which you do not need any heating is the most efficient and least expensive way of dealing with the heating system and all the problems it carries along. However, if you are not that privileged and you must think every winter about your heating bills and alternative ways of heating, then you need do think through all the possible options of reducing the consumption and price of heating.

Put all the figures on the paper and see if your energy expenditure requires solar panels in the first place.
Put all the figures on the paper and see if your energy expenditure requires solar panels in the first place.

If you live in a town or a city, the heating system you are attached onto is usually the central heating system, where each building and its flats are equipped with radiators and that way receive the energy for heating. Long-distance heating systems have proven to be the most practical option for those who live in buildings of blocks of flats. Having a flat in a block of flats usually means that it is not the most practical way installing solar water heaters there, because blocks of flats are usually isolated from the sun and they do not get enough sunlight. However, living in a house is completely different. Houses are usually situated in clearer areas and they get more energy from the sun.

One of the most affordable and efficient ways of making your home heating system more efficient is by installing the solar water heating. The water that we use when having a bath or washing up is usually heated in an electric water heater. Those water heaters are connected to the circuit system and they also spend energy, this time electric energy for making the cold water warm or hot. Installing solar panels onto the house roof and connect the solar water heating system with the electric circuit is a practical and affordable option for reducing your electric energy bills.

The solar heating panels use only the energy that comes directly from the sun and they can help you reduce the overall monthly cost of heating in general. The panels are connected with the water supplying system and their pumps send the water from the tank that is placed under the roof to the tubes on the roof when they are alerted by electric sensors that the sun rays are strong enough to start heating the water, which is then, when enough heated, sent into the regular electric water heater. On the other hand, when the weather is cold and there is a possibility that the tubes will freeze down, the water is retreated from the roof panels to the water storage tank in the house.

This hot water system represents a little bit more expensive initial investment, since the normal panels that require professional installation do cost between 4,000 and 8,000 dollars, depending on the size of the panels you want to install. Before making the final decision, it is a wise thing that you call professional solar installers who understand the whole process and who have enough experience with it to come to your place and estimate where you should put your solar panels and how much it will cost you.

Put all the figures on the paper and see if your energy expenditure requires solar panels in the first place. If you are a single pensioner or a 24/7 office worker, then it is not the most urgent investment in your life. On the other hand, if you have a family and several children, it might get quite messy when it comes to shower and bath issues. In that case, solar water heating panels will be perfect for your house. If it happens that the water from the roof panels is not heated enough, it can be additionally heated in the traditional electric-heater manner. Every solar water tank has the plug in for the electric circuit, which can provide the additional energy.

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