Sod Farms Grow the Sod You Buy To Start A Lawn

Sod gardeners are in business of saving homeowners time in preparing the soil, seeding and waiting for the seed to sprout. They also help in getting rid of bald spots on your lawn.

If you have ever seen rolls of sod on a bare patch of land where a lawn should be, you have see the product of a sod farm. When someone wants to start a lawn but does not have the time to prepare and seed ground, he or she can order sod from a gardening center or sod farm, or turf farm. These farms have literal fields of grass that they cultivate and cut up for sale to people trying to create lawns. Whether it is for a home’s front yard or a golf course, already-grown sod can save a lot of time because it is already grown — there is no waiting for seeds to sprout.

sod farm inside a greenhouse
Sod farms are there to help homeowners save time, so they don’t have to start from scratch.

Using pre-grown sod is advantageous for homeowners because they do not have to worry about proper conditions for starting a lawn from scratch. All the homeowner has to do is some minor site preparation, which the company will give them instructions in, and then they roll the sod out over the ground. There is some care that they need to give it, especially at first, but it is much easier to deal with sod than with grass seed. If the homeowner finds the right sod farm, the people who deliver the sod can also install it.

When buying sod from sod farms, homeowners interested in having the farm employees install the sod will still need to ask about how to prepare the ground because they have to get rid of any existing grass or weeds, not to mention weed seeds. Sod farms will give homeowners instructions for any preparation that they need to do before the farm installs the sod. After the installation, the homeowner will need to follow a specific care schedule while the sod is becoming established. However, that stage will take only a short time, maybe less than a month in some cases, after which the care of the sod becomes much easier.

When planning a yard or any other place where you will be laying down sod, be sure you plan to use locally grown sod. Sod farms grow varieties of grass that can survive in any given the weather the area has in a particular area. Sod grown in another part of the country might not be able to withstand the fog and rain that characterize the region. Plus, sod grown in another area might have nasty, invasive bugs hiding in it if the sod farm turns out not to be the best. That can wreak havoc on plant life. Using locally grown sod, from sod farms, is the best choice.

Using sod is also helpful if you live in an area where patches of your lawn may need to be replaced. If you find that areas are being overcome by environmental factors, from weeds to errant dogs, with sod, you can cut out the dying portion and insert a piece of replacement sod. You will have to let the replacement sod become established and connected to the ground beneath it, but eventually it will. If you re-seed the area instead, you will have bald patches in your lawn for weeks until that seed grows in. Using sod, especially locally grown sod, can make your lawn look healthy again in a very short time.

If you have questions about whether sod is a good choice given conditions in the yard at your home, contact a sod farm or a gardening center and let them know what conditions you are dealing with, from inconsiderate dog owners to weeds that constantly re-establish themselves. The farm or center will be able to help you figure out if starting over and using sod is the best thing fro you to do.

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