How to Make the Most of a Small Garden

You can still have a small garden in the city, even if you have minimal room. Ideas include planting in containers and layering them. Don’t forget to add a theme.

When you live in a city, you only have a limited amount of space available and often those who live there don’t have a garden at all. If you are lucky enough to have a little patch of green available to you then there are some great ways in which you can make optimal use of your little oasis in the desert.

vegetable growing on green container
You can have a small garden in a small space. A small container can contain many plants.


It is best to choose a running theme to tie it all together. Otherwise it might look dismembered and messy. A great way to create a sense of continuity, is by having a small path run all the way through it from end to end. This path should not run is a straight line, rather let it meander all the way to the other side. This will create more depth and ultimately makes it look bigger.


Creating layers is the best way of making optimal use of the space you have available. It will add depth while at the same time giving you the opportunity to fit in more things to make it homely. Ways this can be achieved is by making full use of the vertical space available. You can hang flowers from the walls with easy self-made constructions. If you’re renting a house it might be wise to opt for a temporary construction!

Create layers by using large flowers and plants at the back and using smaller ones closer to the path. This will give it a nice, harmonious look. You should stick to this rule because a small garden is very unforgiving. If something stands out then it will draw everyone’s eyes towards it, so be careful.


Add little highlights here and there such as a little bird house or a particularly colourful flower. Just because it is small doesn’t mean that you couldn’t have a bridge either. Just make sure that it suits the style.

Only having a small patch of doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Get creative and create your own little backyard paradise.

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