Preventing Shaving Bumps

There is no cure, but simple shaving tips will help minimize the problem of pseudofolliculitis or shaving bumps.

Shaving bumps, also known as psudofolliculitis,  are common in all races and gender; though you can more clearly see them in men who are light skinned. This is a condition of the beards occurring around the neck approximately in eighty percent of African men and other people with curly hair.

shaving bumps in an African American man
Simple shaving tiips can help the fight against pseudofolliculitis barbae.or shaving bumps.

Razor bumps occur when the curly hair grows back into the skin causing inflammation and reaction. When shaving the hair becomes sharp and they curve in back to the skin leading to the emergence of hair growing under the skin.  African men have this problem since they have curlier hair than white men do.

It is for this reason it has been established that in grown hairs are the leading cause of razor bumps. Many times African men stretch their skin when shaving and when they do this they give the curly hair to ret with the epidermis. When this occurs skin infections, inflammation and shaving bumps can develop.

Shaving tips to battle against the ingrown hairs

  • Avoid shaving with a double edge razor if you are not experienced with using it, though many men do prefer the double edge razor since it gives a very clean cut. It is advisable that you use a single edged razor or an electric shaver since they do not shave very close to the skin.
  • Ensure that you leave approximately one millimeter of hair after shaving. a close shave is good, but after a week the hair will start to grow, back and you will experience the problem of razor bumps.
  • When you are shaving, ensure that you do not repeat more than twice over a given area. This will again start the irritation process and you could start shaving close.
  • Make sure that you do not stretch the skin when shaving.
  • If you are comfortable with beards, it is advisable that they grow for about two to three week before shaving. this ensures that the hair does not grow back into the skin.
  • To keep the beards neat and attractive use a special grooming shear to trim and shape them.
  • If you get affected by razor bumps, it is not compulsory that you shave every day. Give your skin time to rest for about two to three days.
  • Avoid shaving close to the grain at all times shave in the direction which the hair is growing.
  • For convenience sake, once the beards have grown long first use scissors to trim them. this makes it easier for you to shave the hair.

By following the above tips plus the use of herbal recipes, you will effectively be able to prevent the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

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