What Your Roof Reveal About You

Different roof types and shapes reveal the different types of personality of the owner. They look at not just the person, but the what he lives under.

Do you know what your roofs can reveal about you? They can talk, so you should know what your they say about you. In the housing industry, people do not look at the person but at the house he lives in.  The model and size and most is all that it needs to be say things.

red tile roofing with vent and chimney
If your roof is tile, it shows you have class. It is used in mansions.

  • Galvanized sheets.

According to contractors, these are made of iron and most probably among the cheapest of the building materials on the market. Higher grade galvanized sheets depend on the type of sheets. The house owner can require the higher grade galvanized irons or steel sheets that last. They look almost like tiles.  There are many types of galvanized sheets. They are thin and thick galvanized sheets which are used for roofing and fencing. These grades are used in less affluent neighborhoods. The artificial un-galvanized are a the lowest grade.

  • Tiling

Tiles are an illustration of affluence, they show some sort of class because they are the type of roof used by mansions and bungalows. Its quality depends on the type of clay and the processes it went through before they were ready. Some clay tiles have some additives that make them harder and longer lasting. This then determines their price that is normally afforded by the middle class or the mid high class of citizens.

  • Slate

Slate is the the most expensive roofing material in the world; it is long lasting, requires low maintenance, and has passed the test of time spanning 70-100 years. That means it can last more than two generations when given great care. It is very expensive and can only be afforded easily by the most affluent people in the society.

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