Deciding When to Replace Home Windows

There are times when you must replace your windows, such as if it is old and cracked. There are other reasons such as energy efficiency or looks. However, it could be costly.

There are obvious reasons to change windows in a structure, such as broken, cracked and missing panes. Other reasons might not be as obvious and require some thought. This does not have to be a daunting task, however. Although new windows are a serious investment and are not generally cheap, they will have a positive impact on your home or building.

a window in the home
There are important points to consider in replacing your windows.

One reason to change your windows is to improve the looks of a structure. New windows will give a structure a more modern look and possibly increase the overall value of a building. At the same time, you can replace any rotting or damaged trim around the window. Modern windows will give your structure a more uniform feel.

Noise Reduction

Perhaps you live on a noisy street with high traffic and construction. There are several brands of windows that are sound proof. Many double pane windows will reduce noise from 75 to 95 percent.


If you are concerned about how easy it is to shatter an older, standard pane or tempered glass window, then you should replace them. Laminated panes will break but stay intact, just like a car windshield. Good reasons to install laminated paned windows are because thieves cannot break in, they are earthquake proof and they will protect you and your loved ones from flying debris such as, rocks, baseballs and flying glass.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can fade your carpets and curtains over time. UV rays also fade varnishes and stains on furniture and cause laminates to peel. Low emissive coatings (Low-E) are becoming more standard with modern window replacements. Low-E coatings work by reflecting and absorbing UV rays.

Heating and Cooling

Houses can loose 25 to 30 percent of their heat in winter and cold air from an A/C in the summer through old windows. If your electric bills are through the roof, then change your old windows. Low-E windows with an Argon insulation work very well to reflect infrared heat (IH) which will help keep your house cooler in the warmer months. This insulation will also keep the heat indoors during the winter months, ultimately saving you big bucks in the long run on heating and cooling.

Broken Seals

When you look at your windows on a cold night and see condensation or frost in the corners, then it’s definitely time for new ones. The condensation and frost can indicate that your window panes are no longer sealed in the window frame or that the thermal coating between the panes is no longer effective. Broken seals can let in drafts and raise electrical bills, as well as let in rain water that can cause water damage in wooden window frames.

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