Relocating Abroad Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

To minimize the stress when relocating abroad, research the country’s laws and regulations and allow yourself ample time gather the needed documents.

While within the country relocations can be quite stressful for anyone, cross border moves come in tandem with additional challenges and much longer preparation checklists. Factors like your family size, whether or not you have school going children and others all contribute to the need to get more organized. Simply put, the best strategy when it comes to moving abroad is to adequately plan ahead.

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Moving within the country is stressful. Moving outside the country is more stressful, unless, of course, if there is a woman waiting there.

If you have time, you may want to start coordinating your relocating abroad several months in advance. While at it, allow sufficient time to get all the needed documents, file for the needed visas, find a good school for your children and so forth. Only after this should you then shift your focus to things such as packing and transporting your personal and household possessions.

Researching on your new country regulations

Before hiring the services of any of the many reliable long distance movers to help you in your move, you may want to research on the laws and regulations in regard to the country you are just about to relocate to. These vary from one country to another.

The best way to do this very essential research is to call the relevant consulate or embassy so as to learn if there are any restrictions or special regulations in regard to foreigners relocating to the destination country. Base your research on:

  • Required permits and visas
  • Taxes involved when it comes to shipping your personal vehicle
  • Needed vaccines for you and your family members
  • Necessary quarantines and vaccines for your pets
  • Any restrictions or special taxes on your household items

Filing for Permits, Visas, and Passports

You may want to submit applications for required permits, visas and passports as soon as possible. While at it, check to see which document will become invalid shortly after your move. If a family members permit or visa will expire in a few months time for example, then you may want to have it renewed early enough. Here are the documents you need to gather before your big cross border move.

  • Marriage and birth certificates
  • Medical, dental and vaccination records
  • Proof of citizenship, naturalization and the likes
  • Living testament and will
  • Employment records
  • Proof of residency
  • Academic diplomas and records

All in all, use the above cross-border moving checklist list to help plan ahead. This above checklist list will help you organize the details of the international move, the needed packing and make sure that all the essential documents are within reach.


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