Make Your Own Recycled Furniture

An inexpensive way of getting furniture is to make it from recycled materials. This is a great project for those who build things. It will keep items from the garbage lot.

If you are looking for ways to give your home a more personal touch, consider making your own furniture from recycled furniture. At first, this may seem like an unusual idea, but some of the best and most unique ideas come out of recycled components. Not only does it save you money, but it also helps the environment by keeping items out of your city’s landfills.

shoe shelves made from recycled furniture
Making your furniture from recycled material is a unique idea and saves you money.

This is a great way to help lower your own carbon footprint. Below are a few ideas on how you can make your own furniture from home. Of course, these kinds of projects will naturally be easier for people who are mechanically inclined, but people of all skill levels can enjoy building their own furniture out of recycled products.

Turn Wine Bottles into a Chandelier

Looking for a way to creatively recycle old wine bottles? Consider turning them into a Wine Bottle Chandelier. Due to the different colors of most wine bottles, light shining through the glass provides a unique atmosphere that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

This kind of recycled furniture does take a little creative know-how. The body of the chandelier can be made from plumbing parts. These are easy to attach together and allows for wires to be run through them easily. The wine bottles can be arranged in any fashion that you see fit. Try using 12-volt lights inside each wine bottle. This will be just enough light to shine through the wine bottle and create the perfect atmosphere.

Turn an Old Dresser into a Kitchen Island

When people get new dressers, they typically throw the old ones away or throw them into storage. However, old dressers are the perfect pieces of furniture to turn into a new kitchen island. This works well because most dressers are the perfect height to make a functional kitchen island. Also, the dresser will offer you a ton of extra storage space thanks to all of the drawers, and is one of the top ways to streamline a kitchen where a lot of cooking takes place. This might even reduce the risk of injury due to things being better organized and less cluttered.

To turn a dresser into a kitchen island, you need to remove the top of the dresser to attach a new counter top to it. If the top of your dresser does not come off, consider attaching the new counter top right on top of the dresser. This counter top should be larger than the top of the dresser to create a little overhang. This makes for a perfect bar for people to sit at while they eat their breakfast. It is a good idea to attach rolling wheels to the bottom of the dresser to make it easier to move. Also, consider painting the dresser to make sure that it matches with the current style and design of your kitchen.

Make a Fish Tank out of a Computer Monitor

Did you know that a huge percentage of all landfill waste is made up of old electronics that people have simply thrown away? Help reduce this number by finding other ways to use your old electronic devices, or ones you find in local roll off dumpsters. For example, consider turning your old computer monitor into a one-of-a-kind fish tank.

Jake Harms, a designer, has come up with a very unique way to transform old computer monitors into usable aquariums. To do this, simply gut the inside of the computer monitor by removing all of the circuits, wires and other electronic components. Next, install LED lights all around the back of the screen. This will light up the aquarium while also giving the impression that the computer monitor is turned “on.” Then, the joints and the corners of the monitor need to be soldered together to make sure that no water can leak out. Once the monitor is watertight, decorate the inside of the monitor just like you would any other aquarium. It will also be necessary to attach some kind of trap door on top of the monitor so that you can get into the aquarium and clean it when needed.

The secret to these kinds of projects is to be patient, and be creative. There’s no shame in looking through your friend’s recycling bins- when they ask you what you are doing, just tell them that you are doing your part to save the earth while at the same time making awesomely stylish furniture for your home.

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