5 Unique Homes on Wheels

Five kinds of mobile home for vacations or for a residence on the move, an alternative to a costlier house.

There are many unique homes on wheels when home ownership is not possible financially. A major component of the American Dream is owning a home. Home ownership is often considered a status symbol in the U.S., an indication of having reached a certain level of financial success.

new camper van on the road
A camper can be used for cruising or vacations, but can also be used as a home.

While the concept of what qualifies as a ‘home’ may differ depending on who you ask, most people accept that a typical home will have 2-3 bedrooms, the same amount of bathrooms, and will be stationary. There are some people, however, who are actively challenging the idea of the typical American home, particularly the belief that the living unit must be static.

Here are five examples of unique living spaces that are built to move.

1. Little Tag Along

From the mind of Kevin Cyr, a designer in Brooklyn, NY, comes the Little Tag Along. The Little Tag Along is an art concept, and is basically a very small travel trailer pulled behind a standard 3-speed bicycle. The Little Tag Along is part of a larger project called Home in the Weeds, which explores small shelters as living spaces for worst-case scenarios and homes for self-preservation.

2. Knaus V-liner

This motorhome isn’t carried by most motorhome dealers. The Knaus V-liner is a sleek, Euro-style RV that is much smaller than most new motorhomes and used motorhomes in the U.S. Despite being smaller, the German-built V-liner packs a ton of modern features and a space-maximizing layout.

3. Golden Gate

Jay Nelson, a San Francisco-based artist, surfer, and designer, is known for creating some very unique structures using everything from plywood to epoxy resin. Nelson is known for his creative tree house designs, but he has also built camper boats and scooters. One of Nelson’s more notable designs is the Golden Gate, an electric camper car that features angular wood paneling and a diamond-shaped window. The interior includes a stove, kitchen, toilet, bed, and storage space.

4. Survival Home

This $700K extreme recreational vehicle is capable of carrying enough supplies and equipment to allow its owners to survive off the grid for around two months. Built by UNICAT, an expert in expedition vehicle manufacturing, this particular vehicle gets a lowly 8 miles to the gallon when pushed beyond 60mph, but comes loaded with features, including an on-board water desalination unit.

5. Volkner Mobil Performance Bus

Volkner’s luxurious motorhome boasts modern amenities, customizable options such as specialist tiles, gold taps, and varnished wooden units, and even a ‘hidden’ garage with room for a separate vehicle. The stylish interior features leather seating, wood finishes, and the latest in entertainment technology. All of this luxury comes at a steep price, starting at over $1 million and rising with each upgraded feature.

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