Need an Affordable, but a Quality Website?

An affordable website does not mean low in value or quality if you use Wordpress. All you need is low priced domain name and hosting because Wordpress websites are of quality and free.

Do you need a quality website that is an affordable? When you think of affordable, it doesn’t usually mean quality. Websites are the exception, if its WordPress. WordPress is the software used for this website. WordPress is open source software and therefore it is free. You are free to use and to modify it for any of your needs and use it for business. You will not be asked to share your commissions.

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You can now have a website and access the world wide web for a token price.

WordPress is used in more than 60 million websites. Therefore, programmers create WordPress plugins to make a name for themselves. Plugins are WordPress upgrades. There are now over 32,000 WordPress plugins available to the public for free.

A Domain Name and Hosting are What You Pay for in a WordPress Website

While the software is free, there are two things you must pay for: the domain name and hosting. Domains are usually yearly commitments. Some domain names are expensive because of its popularity. However, most domain names can be purchased between $3 – $15 per year. Usually, the domain names are priced based on their extension. The most expensive is usually .com,  followed by .net, .org, then .info. GoDaddy is the most popular and usually the cheapest, if you just want the domain name for one reason or another.

The maintenance cost of having Wordpress is the hosting. That is where your website is kept. You do not have to worry too much about what kind of shape your computer is in to run a website.  It kept elsewhere. You access it through the internet put up by your hosting. The hosting company even help you install your website. Most hosting companies give you unlimited disk space and  bandwidth. Disk space is the amount of material you have on your website. Bandwidth is your website’s capacity to receive visitors. When just starting out, this might not be a big deal.  As you add to your website and get more visitors, this becomes more apparent.

A Free Domain Name With the Purchase of Hosting

It only makes sense to buy a domain name and hosting together. Yet, many vendors have a higher cost for their domain name when they have inexpensive hosting. When their hosting is cheap, they usually get you for a costly domain name. However, hosting companies such as iPage, FatCow and TMD hosting will give you a free domain name with inexpensive hosting. Again, cheap does not mean low quality. Their 24/7/365 service is comparable with the others. They will get you what you need to run your website and keep it running. It is their business.

WordPress Video Tutorials

While you need to know basic things about how to run WordPress, hosting support is there to make sure it is running or else, you would not use them. You can learn how to run WordPress through the internet.  TMD also have tutorials.

A doctor told me once that a programmer wanted to charge her over $1,000 for a website. Monthly maintenance charges were not included. Doctors, lawyers, dentists, plumbers and everyone who needs a website need not pay a whole lot.  They too can have a cheap, but quality website. They can use open source. They can use WordPress.

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