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Social media is important to promoting business online.
Social media is important to promoting business online.

Website promotion is difficult and time consuming. Among SEO tasks like keyword research, videos and great content, you need links to your site, visitor engagement and social media promotion.

If you fill out the form below, I will promote one of your posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus: 2 profiles (Ben Baligad and AFSB), and one community, and even link from one of my several hundred posts on this site.

In return, I hope you do the same to my site. In linking, I recommend  “nofollow”. It is the only way we can be sure of not getting penalized by Google for link schemes. Google only want natural “follow” links. Although nofollow links do not pass pagerank, it has other benefits. Google uses them for navigation and does count them. If you have a Google Webmaster account, you can see what I mean. Among the links Google enumerates there, are nofollow links.

Please also make sure that the anchor text is relevant to the post. Google and their computers use anchor texts to find similar posts or sites. If you are linking to a car post on my site, don’t use a “dentist” anchor text. Let us not confuse them.

Although I will look at your site, not all will be promoted. Exceptions are, but are not limited to: spam sites, membership sites where details are not clear before signing up, videos, sites with videos, and sites that are difficult to understand. Also, many of you have opportunities which are good. Yet, I cannot join if it interferes significantly with my current path. I will promote, but I will not necessarily join.

For questions or if you want to go ahead with it, please fill out the form. Your email will not be shared with anyone.

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