Why You Might Use Prison Records

Anyone’s prison records are public record. For your safety, these records are available to you when you date, hire or rent.

Prison information is public record, and the public has a right to know someone’s jail record in order to protect themselves. It might seem like an invasion of privacy, but knowing someone’s past can help protect innocent people. Here are just a few reasons you might want to know someone’s criminal history.

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One of the records available to you when you date, rent or hire someone is a prison record.


Whether you meet someone online or through friends, you don’t know their history. You have the right to know if this person has committed a serious crime in the past to protect yourself and your family, including your children.

Rental Properties

Before you rent an apartment or house to someone, learn about their past. If they have a drug conviction, for example, this could lead to serious problems for your investment.


If you are the victim of a crime, there are many sites to  give you information about the whereabouts of your attacker. You can search the site to see if the person is still in jail.


You can set alerts based on a person’s name and location, and the site will send you an email when there is a match. You can track anyone for free. It will alert you when someone with that name is arrested or booked in jail.


Don’t hire a new employee or contractor without checking their background. Search for their name in the database so you can be sure they are who they say they are. It’s easy to lie on a job application, but with the easy search, you know if they are telling the truth or lying.


Before you let your kids play at a friend’s house or you ask someone to mow your lawn, know what their criminal history is. Learn if they have been convicted of theft, a DUI or anything else to keep you, your children and your home safe.

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