Activities to Teach Preschoolers Numbers

When they find it difficult to learn, the key to teaching kids numbers is finding different ways of repeating the lesson.

Adults don’t often think about it, because they seem so normal and natural, but numbers can be a difficult concept to help children master. The key in the end is repetition. Find new ways of teaching the same thing over and over so that they can master the order and purpose of counting. The following are 3 great activities to assist preschoolers remember.

child learning math and reading
There are teaching techniques when numbers are difficult for your kids to learn.

First, make a scavenger hunt for them to follow. Create a map of places to go and label them from 1 to 9. At each station, write the number of the station on an easily found sign and place the small prize. That prize can be a piece of candy, jelly bean, or even a toy that your child already owns. The prize doesn’t have to cost you any extra money as they will just be thrilled to find something there.

Present your child with the map, explain to them the rules and prizes and then ask questions to help them remember what they need to find next. Don’t be frustrated if they aren’t picking up the game as easily as you had hoped. This process can take a while. Every effort you make now will aid to succeed in the future. The key is to continue with activities like this and they’ll learn.

Second, a good portion of the battle is mastering their shapes. As every child likes to explore paint and dirt, you might as well satiate that portion of their curiosity by painting the numbers. Instead of reaching for the paintbrushes though, consider making or purchasing numbered sponges. Grab a large sheet of butcher paper and fill little bowls with colored paints.

Help your child dip each character in a color of paint and say the name of the number as you guide their hands to put it order with the others. Go through them, 1-9 and do it a couple times through. Test them every time to see if they know which one comes next and give praise when they get it right. Kindly guide them to the right figure when they choose the wrong one.

Third, take a sheet of paper and draw 10 parking stalls (imitating a parking lot). Make each stall big enough for a toy car to comfortably park in. Label each stall from 1 to 10 and set it on the ground next to cars (or horses, or dolls, etc.). Call your child in, review with them real quick and then start giving instructions.

Have them park the cars in a labeled stall that you call out. Let them embellish the driving and parking of the cars all they want, but assist them always find the correctly stall. Each of these ideas will assist you play with them while teaching children numbers for their use in the future. Choose, alter, or spin off of any of these ideas to create a fun, interactive game that will help your child master the system.

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