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Searching for Apartments near UC Berkeley

Finding a good apartment for rent near UC Berkeley is not going to be that cheap. Balance the location and utilities or negotiate with your landlord.

Finding the right apartments near UC Berkeley, CA can be a bit stressful as well as exciting, especially because there are many aspects that you need to consider if you want to get the right home for you. Beyond price, utilities are an important factor that can actually make the difference between a good and bad apartment. Even though you do not plan to buy it, your hard-earned money are still on the table, which means that you have to make the right choice, no matter why you need to rent the apartment. Before deciding on a specific apartment, be sure to keep in mind the following aspects.

Finding a good apartment for rent in Berkeley is not going to be that cheap, particularly because prices start at $400 and can go beyond $900 per month.
Finding a good apartment for rent in Berkeley is not going to be that cheap, particularly because prices start at $400 and can go beyond $900 per month.

Consider the Location of Your Apartment

The primary aspect that you need to consider when renting an apartment near UC Berkeley is its location. Depending on your preferences, the apartment can be located in a central area or a quiet area, but note that the location will have a direct influence over the price that you will have to pay monthly. Be sure to research information about the local area where you plan to rent the apartment, so you can identify potential pitfalls and decide whether you still want to rent it or not.

Keep an Eye on Your Budget

Before jumping in with both feet, you need to set a budget and stick to it. Finding a good apartment for rent in the area is not going to be that cheap, particularly because prices start at $400 and can go beyond $900 per month. To make the right choice, you need to balance price with other potential advantages of the apartment in question – let’s say, its location or utilities. If the apartment has all utilities, you can definitely pay $500-$600 a month without problems. The same goes for the location –if the apartment is located conveniently, you should not have a problem paying the rent.

Consider Whether It Has All Utilities

One important aspect that you should necessarily keep an eye on is whether your apartment is equipped with all utilities or not. Since you will only be renting it out, most utilities, if not all, should be included. However, your apartment should also include toiletries, gas, food and even Internet aside from those, particularly if you will be paying more than $500 a month. If you do not have all utilities included, you should either look for a better apartment elsewhere, or negotiate the price with the landlord or rental company that rents it out.


Find Your new home today!

Berkeley Ca, image courtesy of Wikipedia


An Adventure with a Car Engine Overheating

A couple of weeks ago, I was stranded 30 kilometers away from Sydney when my car overheated. Diagnosing car trouble is always the biggest problem.

Do you know what to do when your car overheats and you have no idea what the cause is? I am not sure I know a single driver who at one point in their lives didn’t have such a problem. Whether the reason for it was the lack of engine coolant or extreme weather conditions, we were all in that annoying situation once.

Unexpected engine problems include cars overheating.
Unexpected engine problems include cars overheating.

A couple of weeks ago, something went terribly wrong. I was stranded on the road 30 kilometres away from Sydney.  I was in a hurry on that scorching hot day.  Already late for the meeting I had scheduled weeks before, my trusty Mazda decided it was the right time to break down. The smoke came from the bonnet and it just stopped. A few curse-filled seconds later, I decided screaming in despair is not the most productive thing I could do at that moment. I decided to get out and open the bonnet.

Diagnosing the Car Engine Overheating

The steam which surged out confirmed again what even I as a complete car layman could diagnose as engine overheating. The only thing that came to my mind is that I don’t have enough coolant in the radiator, but my Mazda is an older model which doesn’t have a translucent plastic so I couldn’t see it. Then I tried to unscrew the cap and check it. It was hot. I got burned.

Luckily, I’m not a stubborn person, so after the first incident in which I’d suffered pain, I decided that I should find someone to solve the problem for me. I was near Seven Hills, a peaceful Sydney suburb which at that moment seemed a bit like a ghost town. Wandering the streets, sweating like crazy, partly because of the weather, partly because my nerves couldn’t deal with the fact that I was almost definitely late for the meeting already, I found a car repair shop.

The Quest Begins

I got a hold of one of the blokes working in Tyre King Seven Hills (I owe them some beer next time I am around). He was kind enough to give me a ride to the place where my car was parked. A few moments into the inspection he had a good and a bad news. The good was that I had enough coolant in the system. The bad was that the problem was somewhere else.

The mechanic then proceeded to check the fan. He had a jumper wire ready and attached it to the contacts. He told me the fan could either be faulty or the problem was in the fan switch which is supposed to turn the fan on when the engine starts to overheat. After the check, we were both none the wiser. Everything seemed to be in order.

On to the Thermostat

But my new friend had a couple of ideas more. He wanted to check the thermostat. Thermostat is apparently important at high speeds and if it doesn’t open when the engine needs a lot of coolant to keep the temperature low, the flow will be insufficient. Due to the fact that I was late for my meeting, I was playing “Fast and Furious” on the road, and it made a lot of sense that this was the reason behind the sudden halt. No luck though. Thermostat was fine.

Towing the Car

We towed the car to the shop where a couple of mechanics tried to solve the problem together. It took them a couple of minutes of baffled silence and fiddling with the car, but they solved the problem. Just when I checked the time on my mobile phone for the n-th time that hour, one of them, with an “Eureka!” look on his face, suddenly just exclaimed: “It’s the belt!”

And indeed, my Mazda, being an older girl, still had one of those fan belts which are used to drive the fan. The belt was close to snapping and it didn’t do the proper job anymore. When the first mechanic checked the fan it was working, but if he had observed it more, he would probably have noticed that the fan.


They quickly replaced the belt and I was on the road after a couple of minutes. It goes to show that diagnosing the problem is the biggest part of the problem solving. As for me, my meeting was long finished, but at least I was moving again. And, let me tell you, it felt good.

car overheating image by Pixabay


Five Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Home safety is more than equipping your home with safety equipment like fire extinguishers. You also should drill your household with safety procedures.

How safe is your home? Home safety precaution measures like installing smoke detectors, getting non-skid mats or even handrails tend to keep everyone safe.  However, by only equipping your house with means to keep it safe does not mean you are prepared as well.

Safety should be a priority for the family in the household.
Safety should be a priority for the family in the household.

As they say, practice makes perfect.  You should practice safety procedures, just in case. Simple safety routines can mean the difference and they are not hard to practice. On the bright side, you can also make them into family games, just to make it fun. To freshen up your knowledge go over these five easy tips.

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Men’s Beauty- Dealing With Hair Loss

There are medical and surgical procedures to stop male pattern baldness, the most common cause of hair loss. You may even grow some lost hair.

Every man’s worse nightmare is male pattern baldness, the most common cause of hair loss. Going bald is something that men cannot control and is heavily stigmatized in society, although nowadays there is less negative stigma surrounding it. And, a lot of men are deciding to pick up the razor and have shaved heads by choice. Ultimately though, for men it is tough to deal with hair loss in general.

There is no cure for male pattern baldness, but the process can be reduced.
There is no cure for male pattern baldness, but the process can be reduced.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for male pattern baldness, it is something that men have to deal and live it. For now, we cannot change genetics, because it is hereditary. No need to be sad though because there are a lot of medical and surgical procedures which can help you not only reduce baldness but even help you regrow some of the lost hair.

Propecia or Proscar

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What to look for in U Off Campus Housing Near Tucson

You will find a range of dozens of different price ranges and options when you look for off campus housing at apartment rentals near in Tucson, Az.

Anyone that is in the market for University of Arizona off campus housing near Tucson Az will find dozens of different options. These properties are available in a mix of price ranges and with different features. Some of these are older places but there are also a lot of newer properties that people will find appealing.

apartment buildings with many units
Just about any specific feature is available when you are looking for a place to live near University of Arizona.

This city is fairly spread out in terms of geography so it makes sense to find something that is fairly close to the campus. This makes things convenient and helps people to get to the campus more easily. It also reduces the possibility of having the car breakdown when one is far from school. For many parents that live out of the area and can’t be there to help kids out in times of trouble like car failure, this can be important.

Another thing to think about geographically speaking is what is available nearby as to fast food, restaurants, movie houses, bowling, or other things that students might enjoy for recreation. Having options like these near the apartments for rent gives people more choices and makes them convenient to use.

The Units

Property styles can vary a lot. There are older style garden units as well as large complexes with more than a hundred units. Some of the newer properties are somewhat like a hybrid cross between a traditional apartment and single-family houses. These look more like a house from the outside and have features inside that are like a house. This can carry over not only to the floor plan but also the styling details inside.

The communities for these have the traditional features and amenities that people would find in the better apartment complexes. These can include security features like controlled access but also recreational features. These properties have plenty of on-site recreational features. A quick review of one property shows that bocce ball, a tanning salon, a pool, volleyball courts and a fully equipped fitness center.

These units can vary in size from three to five bedrooms and each bedroom will have a private bath. These usually have the private areas of the home upstairs and the public areas downstairs. This makes for more privacy for each roommate and a quieter environment in general.

People that are looking for a new place to live will want to find units that have specific features. Some of the most important ones can be good storage options and nearby parking. A large front porch and/or rear patio can provide a lot of private space for recreation. People will also want to look for units that have a washer and dryer, as this will also provide convenience.

Easy Tricks for Successful Trade Show Exhibitions

You will need many tips and tricks on having a successful trade show exhibition to promote your business. Successful trade show marketing comes from a well planned and organized strategy.

Attending a trade show exhibition is not enough in itself to promote your business nor is it enough to provide good marketing. Even though marketing has strict rules and there are provisions on how some things should be done, having good trade show marketing is hard to achieve and even harder to pull off a good marketing strategy.

The trick in having a successful exhibition in a trade show is to get as many people involved as possible. A good tip to make this happen is to put out a little pre-show marketing to make people actually come and visit you.‎
The trick in having a successful exhibition in a trade show is to get as many people involved as possible. A good tip to make this happen is to put out a little pre-show marketing to make people actually come and visit you.‎

Chances are that you will have to learn from your own mistakes, and unfortunately, because this is not exact science, you will have to rely on a good marketing team. If they fail to realize what is good then your overall company reputation may be in danger.

Plan Off Everything

First off, in order to have a successful trade show exhibition, you will need to plan out a good marketing strategy plan, which means that you will have to chalk down the exact aims of the company in partaking at such an event. Your best goals are to increase market share; introduce new products, or services; and to promote existing or new products and services.

Other than that, with a well established branding, you should have a good promotional plan. It will include more than just brandishing your company’s logo onto every product and giving out free gifts. Research what and how you can improve, grab the chance and do so at the next trade show exhibition.

The Warm Up

You want people to notice your company and to be as involved as possible, so why not plan out a little pre-show marketing to make people actually come and visit you at the exhibition. One thing you can use to attract customers is to use direct mail, however, be careful as people are extremely averse towards spam.

Do not save money on mailing, show your old and potential customers that you care about them, so only first-class mail is allowed. Send them prospects and brochures which may interest them, and include perhaps coupons or other means to draw their attention.

The Incentive

If you use mail or any other means to inform customers about your presence at the trade show exhibit, then also tell them why they should come. Give them a good incentive so that they would come and visit. To some, it would be good to offer some kind of a discount.

Use the chance to present your new product or service, and make it exclusive by letting the first few customers try it out. Make them part of the magic and make them feel important.

Your Booth is More Than Just That

Think of your trade show booth as of a tool just like your website and affiliate marketing programs. It is not only for the presentation, it is more than that; you need to define your company through your boot and you need to make it count. What your booth should represent is the welcoming atmosphere of your company and to create an experience which the customers will not forget soon. One of interesting option is to set up a promotional marquee in regard to attract more customers.

Also, you will have a chance to use decorations and your products to make your booth stand out from the crowd, grab this chance as it may secure you new potential customers.


trade show image by Wikipedia