How the World Would Be Without a Handyman

Handymen are the most underappreciated professionals in the world today. Most of us would be lost without them and our efficient worlds would come to a standstill.

How the world would be without a handyman is a scary thought.  We define a handyman as somebody who can fix almost everything with his hands and knows exactly the tools and the equipment needed.  Many of us do not have this talent.  One should have a handyman’s number in his contact list. He definitely is the first person you would like to see in a house emergency.

A pressure hose is needed to prevent hours of sweeping, scrubbing and getting into hard corners. Research is needed to find the best place to rent the pressure hose, and then how to use it. With a lot of trouble, your patio or driveway will look almost brand new.
A pressure hose is needed to prevent hours of sweeping, scrubbing and getting into hard corners. Research is needed to find the best place to rent the pressure hose, and then how to use it. With a lot of trouble, your patio or driveway will look almost brand new.


Can we imagine a world without these men in blue crisp overalls? If they were not around, many of the things that need to be done will be left undone and if they are done, it is not done correctly. Most of us don’t realize the worth of something until they are not there. Let’s go on a scary trip into an imaginary world, where there are no handymen that come to our rescue.

  • Hanging mirrors and paintings – If you know how to hang a mirror, you know how involved it can get.  Are you aware of which tools you will need and what hardware to buy? Do you have time to do it, or is this a project that will not be done for weeks or months? Even if you find time to hang it, are you sure it will stay and not eventually fall off? When hanging a painting, a mirror or a heavy object on your wall, will you will have to do it yourself.

  • Cleaning – Spring cleaning, after there is a snow storm or a bad session of rain, you need to get up and clean your driveway or your patio or the roof yourself.  A pressure hose is needed to prevent hours of sweeping, scrubbing and getting into hard corners.  Research is needed to find the best place to rent the pressure hose,  and then how to use it.  With a lot of trouble, your patio or driveway will look almost brand new.
  • Gardening – There are bushes and many more chores to clean the backyard.  You need take out time and do it yourself on your day off.
  • Carpentry – You want some new shelves in your study or repair the garage door. In this world devoid of handymen you will have to do it yourself. If you want to erect a club house or a shed, you’ll have to do it yourself.
  • Plumbing-  The hot water pipe bust at six am on a Sunday. You have obligations either at church or getting together with family. They will have to wait. You will have to fix the plumbing.
  • Roofing – It was really windy last night and the roof shingles got displaced and the rain is coming inside the attic. You need to put up buckets to catch the rain. You will need to watch a YouTube video to fix it days after the rain, so it will be dry.

The list is long. The message is loud and clear by now. We can’t do without handymen.  Here are more things handymen can do.

  • They clean the clutter in the garage for us.
  • They mow the lawn for us. • The paint our houses pretty both inside and out.
  • Clean the pool and get it ready for the summers
  • Fix and install our air conditioners
  • Clean our carpets and rugs

There are too many to list.  Handymen are very much needed.


handymen image used with permission

A Friendly Weight Loss Environment by Using Smaller Dishes

One weight loss system is using smaller dishes. Smaller dishes allow you to measure the amount of food you eat easier and eat smaller portions.

A friendly weight loss environment is vital by using smaller dishes when looking for ways to lose weight and improve fitness. One should always assess the size of their dishes as a big dish will mean that you will have a big portion.

small plate of food
Your mind will want to put more food on a large plate. Small plates are good for diets.

Using a smaller plate can help reduce weight in adults but not in young children. This is because children consume almost the same amount of food whether served in a small or a large plate. Research has shown that dishes have grown by 36% since the 1960’s. At least in part, that explains why more people are overweight. Eating certain foods to lose weight is important, but one should also consider the size of his plate.

How to measure the size of your plate

Since an individual is likely to eat more than he or she intends if food is served on a large plate, it is necessary that one learns to measure the size of their plates. Measure the amount of food your bowls, glasses, cups, and plates you often use hold. Put your breakfast cereal into your regular plate and then, measure using a measuring cup to know the amount you consume in a day. One can also weigh the food portions on a scale, or check the nutrition facts on Nutrition Fact labels. The Nutritional fact labels enable consumer to get the facts about the appropriate serving portion sizes. Healthy food choices on foods with low quantities of fats, salt, and sugar and to consume more of fiber and vitamins.

The Delboeuf Illusion

This is a very powerful optical illusion. This is the illusion that tells us that things are smaller compared to larger ones. This is the reason why if you place a small portion of food on a large dish, your mind tells you that you are eating a small piece so you automatically add more to your plate. On the contrary if you had the same amount of food on a smaller plate, you will think that you already had a large portion so you stop adding more. Putting a small amount of food on a large plate and not adding more will make one lose motivation as you will feel that you are denying yourself food and this applies irrespective of the shape of the plate ranging from circle to rectangle to oval. It’s for these reasons that one is advised to use a smaller plate because you will automatically consume less and hence be able to lose weight.


The whole idea of using a small plate to reduce weight becomes useless if one keeps adding food twice or even thrice because he might end up taking much more than he could have had he been served food once on a large plate.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).  EHIC is an insurance cover that provides cover that provides health cover when traveling. EHIC becomes relevant when talking of ‘the small plate movement’ because it provides medical letters on an insureds health conditions including those that are diet based when traveling to help doctors in case one falls ill when abroad.



Party Inspiration: 5 Colorful Ideas for Kids

Party themes of colors make successful kids parties. This can be done with colorful balloons, rainbow sodas, colorful buffets, legos and rainbow cake.

There is one thing that every parent wants to do at least once in their life and that is to throw the best possible birthday party for their kid(s). There is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your child and all the guests at the party having the time of their young lives. Party themes of colors are parts of every successful kids’ parties.  This little guide we will tell you how to bring as much color to your kids’ party as possible.

In order to end on a high note, or to have a very clear highpoint of the entire party, you could make or order a rainbow cake that ill have all the different layers in the colors of the rainbow.
In order to end on a high note, or to have a very clear highpoint of the entire party, you could make or order a rainbow cake that ill have all the different layers in the colors of the rainbow.

1. Balloons

We adults are a jaded bunch and one of the most obvious indications of this is how we have forgotten to appreciate and enjoy balloons. Balloons are great. Kids love balloons and kids cannot get enough of balloons. Really. It does sound like a lame idea for parents who are just out of ideas but you can never overestimate the love of kids for balloons. And in keeping in with our theme, the more colorful a balloon is, the better.

2. Multi-colored Buffet

There is nothing sadder in the eyes of a child than a selection of food that features earthy tones. Kids do not care if the food is the most delicious in the world unless it is colorful and exciting. If you really want to give the kids what they want, you will have a multi-colored buffet packed with delicious, delicious candy. If you want to go with a healthier alternative, you can create multi-colored and/or rainbow buffet which will feature all the different and differently-colored fruit.

3. Soda Rainbow

Another thing that you have to have at your kids’ party is soda. Once again, the way to go is rainbow where you will arrange all the different sodas according to their color and create a cool rainbow that the kids will just love. Once again, if you are looking for a healthier option, you can have freshly squeezed juice that you will also arrange according to the colors of the rainbow. Start with red grapefruit and end with blueberry.

4. Lego bursting with color

Kids love playing with Legos and other, perhaps non-brand name building blocks and it would be a good idea to cater to this as well. This is particularly good if it is a winter birthday and the kids cannot really play outside. This will give them something to do without having to worry about your home becoming a scene from WWII. And as always – the more colorful the bricks, the better. Legos can make the party. They can be as big as you want. You might want to watch the Lego Movie to get ideas.

5. Rainbow cake

In order to end on a high note, or to have a very clear highpoint of the entire party, you could make or order a rainbow cake that ill have all the different layers in the colors of the rainbow. Once again, you can go with the fruit theme although that might be too much for the palates. The good thing is that you should have absolutely no difficulties finding a place that sells rainbow cakes.


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image by Sophie Andersen

Best Bread Pudding Recipe Ideas

Three bread pudding recipes: Chocolate Bread Pudding, Apple Bread Pudding and Pumpkin Bread Pudding.

Are you looking for some best bread pudding ideas? This article contains some yummiest bread pudding recipe ideas for those who love trying new bread recipes. Bread puddings are always liked by most of the people, especially when they are served with honey and chocolate sauces. By reading this piece of writing, you will be able to try out some new bread pudding ideas to enjoy evening tea with your kids and family.

With this easy to follow bread pudding recipe, you can make a delicious meal for your family.
With this easy to follow bread pudding recipe, you can make a delicious meal for your family.

Bread puddings can be made tastier by adding different ingredients in them. You can either add chocolate sauces to your recipes or you can add apples and pumpkins in your recipe too. You can add a variety of things in your recipes to make them tastier and unique for you. If you want to add more taste to your taste buds, then try these recipes out!

Chocolate Bread Pudding:

The ingredients for this exceptional recipe include eggs, white sugar, milk, vanilla extract, cubed bread pieces and chocolate chips.

First of all, you need to set the oven heat up to 350 degrees. Preheat your oven if you want to attain the best results of your baking. Add eggs, sugar, vanilla extract and milk in a large mixing bowl and add all the ingredients together. Keep on mixing the ingredients until the batter becomes soft. Now, take another bowl and soak the cubed breads along with chocolate chips in milk. Keep on soaking them until the chocolate melts and the bread gets fully soaked up in it.

Add this mixture into the mixture of egg and milk and keep them mixed until the entire flavour gets added up together. After five minutes, pour the entire mixture in the loaf pan. Take a roasting pan and fill it with water and then keep it in the oven. Place the loaf pan inside this roasting pan in such a way that water gets halfway to the surface. Baking will require almost one hour. When it gets baked, serve the recipe with a hot chocolate sauce. It will definitely make your taste buds wanting more and more.

The recipe is very simple and easy to be made; this is the reason it is considered as the best chocolate bread pudding recipe to be baked by anyone.

secret recipes

Apple Bread Pudding:

Apple bread pudding is another amazing recipe which is easy to be made. It requires some essential ingredients and easy steps to be made within a short time period. The main ingredients required for preparing this recipe are eggs, vanilla extract, milk, sugar, peeled and chopped apple, sugar, cinnamon and cubed bread pieces.

Firstly, preheat the oven and set the temperature up to 350 degrees in order to get the best outcomes of baking. Before starting the baking process, spray vegetable spray on the baking dish. Then, cut down the slices of bread and place them in the baking dish. Take another bowl and mix all the ingredients together including sugar, eggs, milk, vanilla extract, and cinnamon and apple juice. Blend the mixture well enough until the entire batter becomes smooth and soft enough. Now is the time to add chopped apples into the mixture and then pour this entire mixture on the bread slices placed on the baking dish in the oven. Place this baking dish in a water bath and then place them in the oven. The dish is ready to be baked for almost an hour. This amazing recipe, when served with cream and apple sauce will definitely add a lot of taste in your mouth.

Pumpkin Bread Pudding:

Pumpkins add a great taste to your bread pudding recipe. The recipe is very easy to be cooked and requires a short time to get prepared. The main ingredients which will be required to get the recipe ready are sliced breads, milk, sugar, eggs, pureed pumpkin, melted butter grounded cinnamon, ground ginger, dried cranberries and vanilla extract.

Again, preheat the oven and set the temperature limit at 350 degrees to get your baking done in the best manner ever. Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients together including butter, cranberries vanilla, eggs and milk. to make a smooth and soft batter with them. Take soaked bread slices and then pour pureed pumpkins on the bread slices. Now, pour the mixture in the dish and sprinkle some cinnamon on the top to add taste. The recipe will take one hour to get baked. Serve it with whipped cream to enjoy the taste.

This is about dessert, but you need main course to go with it. Get the services of pizza takeaway in Edinburgh if you love eating pizzas and live nearby. You can also order the pizza online as it is more affordable process, and you get your food at home!


bread pudding image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Life Lessons Learned from Dogs

Important life lessons can be learned from dogs. They don’t need poems or love songs.Pat them on the head, and they give unconditional love and forgiveness.

Dogs seem to have a handle on the things that are important. The secrets to living a good life seem to come intuitively. They live lives free of worry about what others think about them. They live “the full life.”

one brown and one white spotted puppies
Dogs can teach us some life lessons.

Unconditional Love

Dog’s have the ability to love unconditionally. It takes a scratch behind the ears and an affectionate pat on the head to win the love of a dog. Once obtained, few conflicts will turn a dog’s love from you. You have to do a lot to lose your dog’s love.

Humans are a little more selective. It takes nice words, a few trying experiences, and a long time for us to learn to love. In that same vein trust and love is broken with a few words spoken in anger, or a single act made in frustration.

Love comes hard and leaves quickly. What would happen if we learned to love someone unconditionally come hell and high water?


Earn a dog’s love and you earn their loyalty forever. Their protective instincts transform them from kind and harmless pups into snarling security guards when danger shows its ugly face.

Amongst men, that loyalty is often only found amongst immediate family members, close friends, and military personnel.


As said before, once you have the unconditional love of a pup, you’ll never lose it. Dogs forgive for major hurts in an instant, whereas humans will sometimes take decades to do the same for minor infractions.

How much more fulfilled could our lives be when we remove the pain of rejection and loneliness from our hearts and let love take its place?

The difference between dogs and their owners is that the dogs live true to themselves. Mankind hasn’t quite figured that one out. We’re often too protective of our hearts to let someone take our full love, loyalty, and forgiveness. How much more could we live if we let love, loyalty, and forgiveness become the main characteristics by which we are known?