How to Dress up your Child for a Special Occasion

To dress up your child properly for a special occasion, trick them into thinking it is their idea by making an agreement with someone they look up to.

No matter if it is your niece’s school play, your nephew’s football game, a holy communion or a wedding, many of you have probably experienced difficulties when it comes to dressing up your child for special occasions. You need to be able to survive your children and their caprice with minimum collateral damage on your nerves, so let us see how you can avoid losing your nerves every time you need to go to a family gathering or a wedding.

Your kids might have to wear either a tuxedo.
Your kids might have to wear either a tuxedo.

Make them think they decide

Making your children think that they have decided what to wear is even more important than what they are going to wear. To trick them, you can make an agreement with your brother or sister or anybody close to the family who you know your son or daughter look up to. That person of your children’s trust is the crucial one in this situation. Make him or her take your child for a walk and suggest your baby boy or girl what he or she could wear for the event. They can even ask kids what items they like and dislike. Once that part of the dress-up mission is over, your child is ready to go for walk with you and you will know where to take him or her and what to offer them.

Weddings, terrible weddings

For most children, weddings are terrible. They need to act unnaturally, behave as if they are adults and, what is worse, they are going to miss their favourite cartoon on TV. While nowadays you can easily make up for the cartoon with the help of websites on the internet, the fact that kids are not meant for weddings remains true. If you still decide that your prince or princess should be dressed up as an adult, wearing a tuxedo, a shirt and a tie, or a long pink dress, check out these amazing star wedding gallery.

Peers’ birthdays

Since weddings do not belong to their genuine world, they will probably not be too interested in them. However, their friends and relatives’ birthdays might cause a completely different reaction. Kids and teenagers appreciate their peers’ opinion more than anything else. Being aware of that, you must leave them choose their own clothes on their own. If they like Black Keys or Rihanna or whatever, you need to let them wear that motif on their clothes. Younger children cannot have a limited possibility of choice, so you need to suggest them what to wear. For children’s birthdays, the best solution is T-shirts for both boys and girls. They can decide what patterns they want.

Here are a few cheerful suggestions

In addition to the outfit they are wearing, you need to prepare them another one, in case they spill juice on their clothes or drop a piece of cake.

Dressing up is important for children as it is for us. They just copy our behaviour and reactions. So, let your children choose what to wear, but be there for any question or advice.


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Advantages of Green Apartments in Huntington Beach

Green apartments in Huntington Beach, CA are designed to use less energy in its heating and cooling, and less wasted water than other dwellings.

Known for its warm weather and beautiful views, Huntington Beach, CA puts  your rent money in an  eco-friendly apartment promoting a green environment. They also provide some wonderful incentives for seniors looking to settle down and retire in a safe, clean, comfortable environment. Of course, renting a green apartment in this area should mean more than just an aesthetically appealing view from the balcony; there are other advantages involved as well.

huntington beach apartments and beach at night
Consider an eco friendly apartment when renting in Huntington Beach.

Better Health For Better Senior Living

Throughout life having good health is often a priority, but as you age your immune system weakens and things that have come easily can become more difficult. Living in a green apartment often means living in a building that has been constructed of safe materials that won’t cause any illness or death. It also means that the quality of air inside of your home will be significantly healthier as well. There’s a reason this kind of living has become so popular, in fact, the U.S. Green Building Council explains:

“LEED certification is near the top of the list in a ranking of individual attributes of apartment rentals, second only to placement near a central business district, according to a CoStar Group, Inc. analysis.”

This kind of clean living can supply you with a sense of calm rather than worrying about what’s growing in the walls or how drafty the windows are.

Saving Money and Using Less Green

Green apartments in Huntington Beach, California, are designed to use less energy, less heating and cooling technology, and less wasted water than other dwellings. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification program states:

“Using less energy and water means lower utility bills each month. And in many markets, certified green homes are now selling quicker and for more money than comparable non-green homes.”

This is especially important within senior living communities where the prices can get quite high, no matter the cost of the utilities.

Being Socially Conscious

Although living clean and green in this region can mean some great things for yourself and your family, one big reason people choose to live in the Huntington Beach area and choose to continue this style of living is because it’s the right thing to do socially and consciously. Giving back to the environment and the people who live in it may seem like a small step, but it can make a big difference over time and make you feel good about the little things you’re giving back.