What You Should Know About Owning a Horse

When you decide to buy a horse, you should consider the costs of upkeep. Boarding, feeding, grooming and exercising are all part of owning a horse.

There are many things you should know about owning a horse when you see your dream horse among the horses for sale. Almost every little girl dreams of owning a horse. If you are considering buying one for your little girl, then you have to know what the upkeep and expenses will be. Here are a few things you will want to think about. A real life horse is much more than the benefits it gives.

horse holding tail up
Think about the cost of horse upkeep when buying a horse.

Horse Care

When you have a horse there are many things you will have to do to keep them healthy. One of the biggest things is proper grooming, exercise and nutrition. Without this, your horse will be sick and unhealthy. This requires quite a bit of time and money to invest. There are a few horse care factors to take into consideration.

Boarding – You want to make sure you find the right boarding situation for your horse. Though this may be expensive you want to make sure that your horse will be in a healthy environment. You will also want to pay attention to what the boarding fee covers so you know what else you will need to do.

Grooming– Your horse will require grooming on a daily basis and if this is not covered by your boarding fee, then this can be a lot of work. You will have to use a number of different brushes to get rid of dirt and debris as well as a damp cloth for cleaning the nostrils and eyes. This is quite time consuming, though it can be a great way to bond with your horse.

Training – This is important to have with any horse, especially if your daughter (or son) will be riding the horse. While even a trained horse can still cause injuries if they are frightened, they are less likely to. With this, anyone who rides the horse should also be trained on how to properly ride a horse.


Even if you never race your horse, you still want to make sure that they are professional for when you show your horse or if you one day decide that it is time to sell your horse. This is why the best thing you can do is have a professional portfolio of your horse. This will include a number of aspects including current photos of your horse. You want to make sure that these are high quality professional pictures, such as what you will find with a horse photographer.

As you can see there are a number of aspects to think about before you buy a horse. It can be a good idea to talk with someone who owns a horse to see how it works for them. In the end though, a horse can be a wonderful addition to your family that you will love, even with the time and money investment. A horse can be your daughter’s best friend and companion.

You will find that having to take of the horse with grooming and feeding will make your child that much more responsible and caring a person. So while the time and money may seem prohibitive, it is important to weigh the benefits as well. Make an informed decision, do your research and most of all take your time. This is not a good place for an impulse buy.

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