Dan Conradt: Know the Rules Before Moving the Fridge (Post – Bulletin)

I moved many refrigerators on a pick up truck. I was always told not to lay it down or on its side or it would quit working. No one knew why, just not to do it.

“Hello?” ”
Hey, Dan, this is Jeff.” “Hey, Jeff. How’s it going?”
“Not so good …”
My friend Jeff always seemed to be upbeat, but on this night he didn’t sound like himself.
“What’s going on?”
“Uh, what are you doing a week from Wednesday … like around 10:30?”
“I’ll probably be at work. Why?”
“Do you think you could get away for a little while?”
“Sure. Why? What’s up?”
“I’m going to need you to come to the courthouse. We’re getting sued …”


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