Types Of Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance quotes differ by the type of coverage you want, how much coverage and the type of bike you have, much like car insurance.

Motorcycle insurance provides owners with the coverage they need to protect them in case of an accident. There are different types of motorcycle insurance, and the type of bike you own and its worth will be the determining factor in what kind of insurance quotes you should look for. Many quotes are available through affiliate marketing on websites throughout the internet.

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Liability motorcycle insurance will not cover damage to your motorcycle.

The coverage includes liability.  Just like with car insurance, everyone must have liability insurance for their motorcycle or scooter as well. The liability insurance won’t pay for injury or damage to your motorcycle, but it will for anyone else involved in the accident. The liability will pay for damages to another vehicle and to property. It will also pay for medical expenses for the other parties that arise from the accident.

Collision motorcycle insurance should be considered if you own a bike that is quite expensive. A small used motorcycle that didn’t cost much can get by with liability insurance, but a large touring bike with expensive accessories should have collision coverage in case of damage. The collision coverage includes the liability insurance for the other vehicles, but your motorcycle as well. It will also pay for any medical expenses for you and an additional rider should there be injuries.

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance should also be considered for more expensive bikes. There is a difference between comprehensive and collision. The collision insurance pays in regards to an accident on the road, which would include a collision with another vehicle or crashing into a fence or mailbox. However, comprehensive insurance pays for other types of damage, such as vandalism or damage caused by natural disasters such as a flood, high winds, or fire. An expensive bike can suffer many dollars worth of damage just by being knocked over by a strong wind. Even not setting the kick stand down properly can cause a bike to fall and be scratched or suffer dents. With comprehensive insurance you are covered for these situations.

Having full coverage, which includes collision, comprehensive, and liability insurance is the best route for expensive bikes because you are covered in every case. Not only is the motorcycle covered, but the various accessories on the bike as well. This would include damage to saddlebags, seats, chrome accessories, and back rests. Many of these items are expensive to replace, but with the proper insurance they should be covered.

If you add certain items to your motorcycle, such as a side car, you may need to upgrade the insurance to ensure there is enough coverage. The more accessories you add or the more customized the bike becomes, like a hand painted engine, the more value it has. Talk to your motorcycle insurance agent about these upgrades and customizations. You may need to have a bike shop appraise the value of the motorcycle first so you can take a number to the insurance agent. This way he can determine if you have adequate coverage or if you need additional added to the insurance plan.

A cost saving aspect of motorcycle insurance might include discounts such as when you aren’t riding the bike. Talk to your insurance agent regarding lower rates during the time the motorcycle isn’t being ridden. Normally motorcycle riders can only ride their bikes six months out of the year and the rest are left with it stored away. Since the motorcycle has less chance of being involved in an accident while stored, the premiums may be lowered during that time. Certain factors may determine how much the insurance can be lowered during the down time, such as where the bike is stored.

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