Dressing Up to Counter Mood Swings

One way to help brighten your mood when you are down is to dress up. Women have mood swings and have been called many names related to being emotional. As much as we are wont to accept it, we are a feeling creature everything we do and say is based on our emotions. Even the dress we wear is according to how we feel at that moment.

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Dressing up can make you feel better when you are down.

Fashion sense can be a bummer if you can’t embrace your own style. And most often, even if we dress fashionably the mood gets in the way, and the whole packaging just fails. Is there a way to get dressed when you are feeling down? Surely, there is!

Choose colors that brighten the mood

Again I said choose once that brightens the mood and not shock everyone or blind the person who walks up to you. Refer to your fashion color charts and check out the colors that brightens the mood; go for colors like red, hot pink, yellow or pink. These colors will lift your mood, add color to your face and make you look younger.
Choose an outfit that makes you look taller

As much as you want to walk and stand comfortably, wearing a pair of shoes that adds a few inches to your height will make you feel taller and less vulnerable. Wearing high heels will also add to your confidence making you feel sexy and you catch more attention which will lift your mood. Wear clothes that will make you look taller such as above the knee skirts with peek a boo slits on one side. Wear clothes that shows off your shoulder to make you feel taller or biased cut or free-flowing dresses that makes you look pretty and relaxed.

Choose to accessorize

Wear accessories that compliment you and will add a tint of color to your face. Wear your hair in a relaxed hair do, such as pony tails and braids. If you have short hair, make sure that when you go out the hair doesn’t look a mess as this can add to your bad mood. You might want to go to a hair stylist to get your hair done.

The best accessory is a smile. Dressing up and smiling goes a long way towards anxiety relief. No matter how bad you might feel you can practice to wear a smile for publicity; this is something that you can practice until it becomes as habit. You face the mirror every morning and smile your most relaxed genuine smile. Do it everyday until it comes out naturally. If you always wear a smile no matter how bad you feel, you will notice that in the remainder of the day, your mood has changed and you aren’t feeling low anymore. Smiling makes everyone feel good and if you put it out there, it will definitely come back to you.

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