Need a Gift? Get Him a Men’s Shave Kit

Need a gift idea? Get him a shave kit. Not like clothes, it is a gift that doesn’t go out of style.

Trying to find a gift for the man in your life can seem like an impossible task. Should you get them a boring old necktie? Or maybe something cool like a video game? You don’t want them to spend all their time playing video or computer games so it might seem counterproductive to gift them with one. Men everywhere agree that getting clothes is boring, so that rules out buying a tie too. So, where does that leave you? Well, if you’re looking for a classic gift that never goes out of style, you could go with a men’s shave kit.

picture of a man shaving
A shave kit for him or for dad is a gift that is the ultimate bathroom accessory for men

Why it’s Cool

The shaving set is kind of the ultimate bathroom accessory for men. For hundreds of years men have associated social status to the razor and its accessory. The most desirable shaving brushes are made of pure badger hair, with ivory, teak, or even gold handles on the brushes and razors. And don’t forget the shaving bowl; it can be made out of gold, silver, or ivory as well. Having a fancy shave kit can make a man feel as though he is elegant and successful; that he has achieved a certain status because he has such a fancy shave kit.

Shave Enthusiast

There is a passionate movement going with regards to shaving. More and more men these days are abandoning the old multi-blade razor that is sold at drugstores in favor of a more traditional, elegant shave kit. These men are adamant that the closest shave is only possible using an old-fashioned razor; one that’s modeled after the straight-edge razor barbers use. They are equally passionate about selecting and using the proper shave brush. They’ve discovered that they have less irritation and smoother skin when they prepare their beard with a shaving brush before shaving.

If your guy isn’t aware of any of this, then buying him a traditional shave kit will be a practical gift. It will introduce him to a whole new world of closeness. Surely after seeing your positive reaction to his baby soft skin he will be encouraged to abandon his grocery store razor forever.

Quality Is Key

Quality is of the utmost importance when shopping for a men’s shave kit. The shaving brush should only be purchased if you can verify the ingredients. The absolute best shaving brushes are made of 100 percent pure badger hair. If you see any synthetic ingredients listed then you can assume that the brush is not made completely with badger hair.

Some companies will mix badger hair and synthetic fibers together in an effort to have the benefits that badger hair provides but also cutting the costs by adding cheap nylon fibers as filler. The razor should be made with quality materials, as should the shaving bowl. You don’t want it to have a cheap metal or plastic coating on it that will chip and crack from the slightest wear and tear. So what are you waiting for? Find a beautiful, quality shave kit for your special man and the both of you can enjoy it together.

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