Long Distance Movers in Montreal

Knowledgeable movers, rates, storage costs and if they do the packing are just a few things to consider when moving to or from Montreal.

In Montreal, long distance movers are constantly at work. Montreal is a busy city, and people are constantly relocating in and out of the area, embarking on both national and international, or arriving in the city to begin a new life. They are available to help these people transfer their belongings between cities. Whether the person is transferring into the city to begin a new job or out of the city to attend school somewhere else, they are the key to ensuring that person’s belongings arrive safely, no matter where they are headed.

penske moving truck in parking lot
Many moving companies in the United States also operate in very busy cities in Canada, like Montreal..

Montreal is a generally bilingual city. While there are people who are not bilingual, the majority of the population is, and getting around the city can require being able to communicate in both French and English. Many of the  employees are bilingual, so they will have no problem getting around the area and finding the address to which or from which they are delivering belongings.

The long distance movers are well aware of transportation restrictions on goods like plants; if there is a ban or other restriction on bringing in a certain type of plant to another province, for example, the employee will at least be able to double-check if yours are allowed, if they do not know right off the top of their heads.

International moves will likely see your plants given to a neighbor, but there is still the issue of foods that you might try to bring into your new country; in that case, ask the company if they know if what you want to bring in will be allowed. Many foods, such as home-grown fruits and vegetables — even those that you have picked and washed, and are bringing along just as a snack for when you travel — will not be allowed across a border.

Note that in Montreal, they will not be able to take your pets. They are not going to be able to take a carrier in their truck’s cab, nor are they going to be able to stop to care for the pet. If you are relocating and are taking your pet with you, you will have to take the pet in your car or fly with them. All arrangements regarding pets are going to be your responsibility, and the moving company is not going to have anything to do with them. Coordinating your arrival with the arrival of the movers can be complicated, so many of the companies offer storage.

They will pre-arrange a day to meet you at your new home to deliver your belongings, and if it looks like they will reach the new place before you, all you have to do is arrange for them to hold onto the items for a short time. Additional storage time might cost you, though, so be sure you know whether or not they will charge you if they have to hold onto the items for more than a day. Movers can also pack your belongings, too, but this is not required, and it will cost you.

However, many people find it more convenient to have the movers do the work, especially because then they can pack the goods so that there is less chance of the items breaking. Even if they do not pack your belongings, they can provide extra specialty boxes when they do arrive, such as those used for clothing that was hanging in your closet. You will have to let the company know ahead of time, though, if you need any of these boxes.

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