Top 4 Qualities of a Lipo Surgeon

If you are seriously considering liposuction, you should learn the qualities to look for in a lipo surgeon because any surgical procedure is no small matter. An elective cosmetic surgery such as liposuction should be researched carefully before proceeding. The good news is since 40% of cosmetic surgery patients are return patients this means that statistically there is a high probability that you will want another procedure sometime in the future. Once you have put in the work to find a plastic surgeon you can trust, finding someone to perform your next procedure will be much easier.

If you are seriously thinking about liposuction, you must do some research on the procedure as well as the surgeon, doing the job.
If you are seriously thinking about liposuction, you must do some research on the procedure as well as the surgeon, doing the job.

When checking out a plastic surgeon for their experience there are a few things to look for. You want a surgeon that specializes in liposuction, has a portfolio of past results, has experience, is clear in explaining the benefits as well as the pitfalls, and is genuinely concerned for your safety.

Lipo Expertise

There are a lot of types of plastic surgeries. Most surgeons end up becoming experts in only a couple. They might be able to perform other treatments but it is best to find someone that specializes in liposuction if liposuction is what you want.

Before And After

Any accomplished plastic surgeon will keep a portfolio of their past patients that includes before and after photos. This will allow you to get a feeling for what kind of results to expect. Not every surgeon is able to produce the same results since body contouring is as much an art as it is a medical science. A portfolio filled with a lot of cases is also hard evidence of the surgeon’s experience.

Recent Experience

But purely looking at the number of past patients isn’t good enough. A surgeon might have treated 100 patients but if he has been in practice for 10 years and only performs liposuction several times a year, you would be better off finding someone that performs liposuction several times a week. The frequency is an important factor when considering how much experience a surgeon has.


Honesty And Clarity

Finally, you want a plastic surgeon that does not intentionally try to confuse their prospective patient by using terminology that no lay person would understand. Obviously you want a surgeon that is open, honest and has explained fully, the risks of surgery. One example is saying they have performed x number of procedures when you want to know how many past patients they’ve had. It isn’t uncommon for a patient to have multiple treatment areas, or for a large treatment to require multiple sessions which some surgeons might count as more than one procedure. Having treated 100 patients is much more impressive than having treated 20 patients five times.

Final Thoughts

Vetting out surgeons is more than looking at their training and certifications. While those things are necessary, it is also important that the surgeon has relevant experience as well as a concern for the safety of the patient. Check out this article about the signs of a safety-minded liposuction surgeon. Schedule consultation with multiple surgeons to get a sense of the differing opinions and to give yourself options so you never feel pressured to make a rash choice. The fat that is removed from your body is a permanent change and you want a surgeon that errs on the conservative side rather than being too aggressive about getting as much done as possible.


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