Common Practices Which Help Reduce Life Expectancy

Life expectancy can be reduced by practices like alcoholism, smoking, habitually sunbathe, overeating, crash dieting and not getting enough sleep.

There are some common practices among people which help increase their medical problems and reduce their life expectancy. The following are some bad practices that reduce the life expectancy of a person.

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Smoking does not do any good to a person. In fact, this habit reduces the life expectancy of a person.

  • Smoking – Smoking is one of those habits that people should really stop. Smoking does not do any good to a person. In fact, this habit reduces the life expectancy of a person. Smokers die earlier than non-smokers either from pulmonary problems, heart attacks or cancer. So if you are planning to live a very long life, you should quit smoking. Better yet, don’t start.
  • Alcoholism – Moderate drinking with wine and beer is actually good for you. However, beyond beer and wine and beyond two to three drinks a day, you risk alcoholism, one you can’t control. Alcoholism is a major problem which is being experienced in various parts of the world today. In some locations, alcohol is banned because of its bad effects on the health. People who consume large amounts of alcohol regularly could die earlier than those who don’t from brain damage, liver problems, injuries, family and other social problems, headaches and anemia.
  • Sunbathing – Sunbathing is not at all bad.  A good source of Vitamin D comes from the rays of the sun. Without exposure to sunlight, people can get sick. But, regular moderate to heavy sunbathing lowers life expectancy because it causes premature skin aging, blotching, wrinkling and skin cancer.
  • Overeating – People love to eat. There are so many tasty delicacies out there which are waiting to be tasted. While eating is a necessity, some people do it as a hobby. They eat simply because they love food and they eat even if they are not hungry. Eating more than what is needed could lead to obesity, nausea, acid reflux, heartburn and is the source of many serious health problems.
  • Crash dieting – There are some people who want to be thin so bad that they stop eating food. Many die because of it. This is what they call as crash dieting.  Food is needed by the body. Those who eat less than what is needed are prone medical complications like fatigue, dizziness, seizures, dry skin, heart problems, ulcers, brain damage and is the cause of many health problems.
  • Not getting enough sleep – In the very fast-paced modern world, most people find themselves not getting enough sleep. Many are too busy with their lives at home and their place of business that getting the necessary amount of sleep is not an option. Lack of sleep causes diseases as well as depression, lack of sex drive, forgetfulness and impaired judgment which reduces life expectancy.

If you are planning to live long or apply for any type of insurance like life or disability insurance, there is a big chance that your lifestyle will be checked. Lifestyle is one of the major factors considered when it comes to living longer.


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