What Language Should You Learn, Next To English?

If you are on the business sector, it pays to learn the Chinese language, not just phrases. Spanish, French and Portuguese languages are also good to learn.

American English is the most common spoken language in the world. When it comes to the number of speakers, English ranks second next to Chinese. It is very important to learn the English language because it is a very common language that one can use whenever he finds himself in another foreign country. But after a person excels in English, one should learn new things. What language should he study next?

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With the thousands of languages worldwide, it is difficult to decide which language is best to learn.

The following are some suggestions for anyone who wants to learn another language aside from English.


The reason why you should learn Chinese after English is pretty obvious. Chinese is the top spoken language in the world. Chinese speakers are not diversely located around the world as English speakers do. Most Chinese speakers come from the mainland China itself. But Chinese is also being spoken in countries near China like Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It is important for anyone to start learning Chinese especially if he is in the business sector. China has improved a lot economically in the past several years.


Spanish is also another ideal second language for any English speaker out there. In the United States, Spanish is being taught in most schools. This is really beneficial since there are a lot of Americans who are of Spanish descent. Spanish is taught to children as young as eight. In fact, in some schools, Spanish is being taught to children below eight. Most people say that Spanish is very easy to learn.


French might be difficult to learn. The way words are read and pronounced are very different from the ways words are read and pronounced in English. There are a lot of French speakers around the world because most of the countries have been colonized by the French in the past. The great country of U.S. is one of those countries. Anyone who loves to travel around Europe should really consider studying French because that language is spoken widely in the continent.


The number of Portuguese speakers might not be as plenteous as the number of Chinese or Spanish speakers. But there are a number of reasons why one should study Portuguese. One, there are a lot of people out there who are hiring tutors fluent in Portuguese and English. Second, learning Portuguese is important for any businessman who has an international business. Those who have websites and are catering to Portuguese targets might want to consider paying for a translation service.


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