How Can Laser Therapy Help Me?

Low-level laser therapy can help for the treatment of pain, acne, stimulate hair growth, nail fungus removal and is being researched for other uses.

You have probably heard the term “laser therapy” and its many applications. While it may sound like the makings of a science fiction novel to the average consumer, laser therapy has positive implications for everything from damaged skin to toenail fungus.

Laser therapy treatments can be used for hair growth, acne, pain relief, nail fungus removal,
Laser therapy treatments can be used for hair growth, acne, pain relief, nail fungus removal,

Take a look at some of the ways laser therapy could help you:

Pain relief

Low-level laser therapy is an emerging treatment for easing pain, particularly in the neck and shoulder regions. Instead of simply relying on pain pills to numb the pain, laser treatments can help eliminate debilitating pain when used in combination with chiropractic care. Pain relief is often felt immediately following laser therapy and comes with no fear of dependency on medication.

Acne correction

Battling acne is frustrating. Even after months of prescription pills and topical creams, many acne sufferers still struggle to keep breakouts at bay. The problem with these traditional forms of acne treatment is that they target the skin, which is only the surface of the problem. Emerging laser technology is making it possible to address the bacteria that cause acne and actually clear it up. As with all low-level laser treatments, acne therapy is completely painless and non-invasive.

Hair growth

Laser therapy has proven incredibly effective in stimulating hair growth. Topical and oral treatments for hair loss are quickly being replaced by laser options which are painless to patients. One study found that laser treatment causes an average growth of 19.8 hairs per centimeter squared—proving that the technology is effective.

Nail fungus elimination

Though oral therapies for nail fungus are still the most popular, they come with many unpleasant side effects like headaches, skin rashes, and sensitivity to sunlight. Topical therapies also exist, but are less effective than the oral ones. Emerging laser technology is providing a third option for people who struggle with nail fungus issues, and provides a targeted treatment with no recovery time or side effects.

Body sculpting

Even with diet and exercise, there are simply some trouble spots that are tough to tone up. Traditional liposuction used to be the only option people had when they wanted to target problem areas like the belly, butt, and thighs. Today cold laser therapy is providing a much more attractive way to achieve the same, or even better, toning results. Laser body contouring essentially liquefies fat, helping flush it out of fat cells.

What’s next?

The potential for cold laser therapy has barely been realized. There are currently studies to test the effectiveness of lasers in eliminating scars and burns and healing wounds and battling viruses. As technology improves, so will the options consumers have to take advantage of laser advancements. The benefits of laser therapy will continue to grow for patients, making it an exciting area of medical technology.

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