Activities to Keep Kids Busy

To keep your kids busy, get them involved in fun activities such as sports programs, children’s choir, day camp, scouts and music lessons.

Every parent needs some peace and quiet at one point or another. Stay-at-home moms are probably among the most in need of this. The more kids you have, the less alone time you get. Here are ideas on how to get them busy so you can have some alone time.

child playing miniature golf
To keep your kid busy, try children’s sports programs.

First idea, have them chose a sport they’re interested in and get them involved. Most of the big sports already have little leagues created. Football, soccer, basketball, baseball and the like all of their little city league versions you can ship them off to once or twice a week. On top of getting them out of the house, you’re giving them a social community to bond to, a hobby to work towards, and exercise galore.

The social aspect could mean new friend’s houses to drop them off at, meaning that you have even more time for you. The hobby could turn into an interest they pursue for the rest of their lives. You are creating a kid that will be interesting because he has a love. You are also letting them wear themselves out, so when they get home, they don’t bounce off the walls like you would normally expect.

Second, sign them up for city recreational organizations. Find community organizations for children, like choirs, day camps, and scouts and sign them up. These organizations will expand their social outreach as well, while exposing them to new ideas and talents. These are especially helpful during the summers. Boy scouts will take boys on week long campouts. Summer programs will often take them for a full-day.

Third, get them involved in music lessons. Whether it be piano, singing, flute, violin, or percussion, let them pick an instrument and sign them up. You can often rent instruments for lessons instead of buying while they’re young. You can substitute an upright piano for a cheaper electric one if you need to save on money. These lessons mandate 30 minutes out of the house and practice time every day. See if you can’t get them involved with music lessons every week.

Fourth, teach them a love for reading and take them to the library often. Help them find books they like to read (preferably longer books as this will give you the most time) and encourage them to read every day. This may be a bit harder, and you may have to do it yourself to show a good example. This habit is one they can take with them throughout their lives.

Buy a bookshelf and fill it with books they can read. Pull from it often and read as a family. When you read together, you can help them learn to like to do it by themselves. Once they take the habit as their own, they’ll stick their own noses in a book for hours on end.

Last but not least, consider looking into getting your children involved in self defense. Jiu-jitsu, karate or kung fu offers a fun and “cool” way of entertaining them every week.

Not only does the art teach children how to control their strength, balance, and mind, but it also teaches them moral values that come with the techniques. Every martial art is built to focus the body and defend. Instilling those values with proper training will help your kids become more respectful and helpful people.

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