The Medical Benefits of Karate

Since you need to exercise anyway, why not it be martial arts, like karate? In addition to being healthy, you will learn to defend yourself.

We have all heard of oriental medicine, but few of us have ever really tried it. After all, what can a few needles really do? What people do not realize is that there is yet another non-traditional medicine that comes from our friends in the East and it comes in the form of martial arts. Karate vs Taekwondo? Both are important culturally and physically.  Karate originated in Japan and Taekwondo in Korea.

man practicing karate near a lake
If you are going to exercise, it might as well be karate or some form of martial arts. Then, you can also learn to defend yourself.

Those that practice the martial arts know that there are surprising amounts of health benefits that come with participating in these sports.  Different styles and variations are taught, but have basically the same result. The health benefits often translate into less medical problems.

Of course, Karate is a great form of exercise. Karate teaches you moves that keep your body active, which in turn keeps your brain active. It can help trim your form down and keep off extra fat, while also enhancing your muscles and strength. If you have never tried to do Karate, you may not realize that while it does do all of those things, it also enhances your hand-eye coordination.

This may seem like a trivial thing, but it is not in terms of situational awareness. Karate is a sport of self-defense, which mean you must always been on your guard. That means you are always aware of dangers in your social and business encounters. There are potential threats surrounding us at every angle and when protecting yourself with a weapon is not an option, your body is your only weapon.

However, you will never get the upper hand of an attacker if your hand-eye coordination is not up to speed and you are not completely aware of your surroundings at all times. This is what Karate can teach you to pay attention to to the point that you do not even realize that you are doing it.

With a lot of practice, another trick Karate can teach you is how to balance yourself. Initially, this can be much harder than it sounds. There also does not seem to be a lot of payoff for now. However, with old age comes the ever increasing potential danger of sustaining an injury while falling. This can be easily avoided with a little training. Karate increases the time it takes for you to react and therefore if a fall does occur, you would be able to either balance yourself or catch yourself at a much quicker rate than otherwise.

If possible, start your children young. It has been proven that when you excite the body and mind through martial arts, children academic performance also improves. And it may come as a surprise but, it is not healthy to not have a group of friends that are all passionate about the same thing together. Those that belong to organizations such as churches have proven to live longer.

There are opportunities for anyone to get involved in these health-promoting activities including children who are interested in studying the martial arts.

There is a martial arts summer camp in place specifically for those children in Provo Utah. Champion Karate West does not just teach Karate, but also offers Brazilian, as well as Taekwondo.

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