7 Inconveniences that Come with Invisible Braces

Invisalign braces, being a new technology in the dental business, will come with inconveniences, problems and complaints. Proper research must be done vs traditional braces.

Make no mistake. Invisible or clear braces and Invisalign treatments DO work. But don’t fall into a false expectation that everything that you hate about metal braces won’t apply here. There will always be some disadvantages for every advantage, and invisible braces have a lot of the latter. You’re just going to have to expect and accept these annoyances, and you’ll coast through your treatment on your way to a straighter and more beautiful smile.

clear braces held by a hand
Clear braces is the new technology

Is it really the best thing that happened to cosmetic dentistry in a long time? Not by a long shot. Invisible braces aren’t without its share of faults. And here are a few annoyances that you’ll have to live with should you decide to get one. Rather than the pros, here are the cons of invisalign.

1. Traditional braces, are usually cheaper than Invisalign

Invisalign is a newer technology and more work is involved to keep the braces fitted well. Of course, costs depend upon your own situation.

2. Doing Only Half the Job

While invisible braces are effective, its success rate is highly dependent on how good your dentist is and how infrequent you take them off. Yes, they’re removable, but that doesn’t mean you should do so whenever you feel like it. Removing them too often either decreases its effectiveness or prolongs the treatment time.

It takes less time for your teeth to get straightened with metal braces than with invisible ones. If your dentist says you need to wear metal braces for six months, expect to be using invisible braces for a year longer or more.

4. As If It Wasn’t There

One good thing about invisible braces is it’s easy to get used to them. This has a downside for the first few weeks of using them. If you forget that you have them on and you start digging into your dinner, you may damage the braces.

5. Not Real Teeth

Invisible braces tend to have no bite. You won’t be able to chew food with it on, not that it’s recommended anyway. If you had to bite someone to save your life, make sure to take off those braces first.

6. Misplacement Potential

Since it’s removable, there’s a possibility that you may misplace your braces. Add to that the fact that it’s semi-transparent, it can be a pain to look for. If you have a pet in the house, take extra care to keep your braces from their paws.

7. Peer Pressure

The name “invisible braces” doesn’t mean nobody can see that you’re wearing them. Clear braces can be noticed. If you’re in your early teens, prepare to be teased. Still, it’s a lot more tolerable than being teased for wearing metal braces.

8. Yuck

If you think teasing while wearing the braces is bad, wait until you have to remove them. Since invisible braces need to be removed during meals, prepare to hear a lot of “yuck’s” from your friends during meals. Of course, if they’re your closest friends, you can always threaten to throw the drool-coated braces their way.

The success of Invisalign shows that it is effective. Invisalign, the invisible brace, promises the same results as the traditional dental brace; only without the obvious shiny metal brace. If you use one or the other, you probably will still need retainers in the last phase of fixing your misaligned teeth.

Author’s Bio:

Isabella Johnson is a freelance writer specializing in dental health and orthodontics. She has worked as a dental assistant for many years in various clinics and hospitals in Victoria Australia. She currently writes for various dental clinics, one of which is Straighten My Smile, which specializes in invisible braces.

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