Why Should My Child Get Invisalign Braces?

If your child has approached you about getting Invisalign, you probably want to know all you can about them. The braces are a popular alternative to metal braces for many young people and adults. Invisalign braces on your child’s teeth have many of the same advantages of metal braces, but are more convenient for some people. Before making a decision about the braces, consider the advantages of wearing them.

Invisalign braces are virtually invisible. Many will not know you have braces unless you tell them.
Invisalign braces are virtually invisible. Many will not know you have braces unless you tell them.

One of the benefits that may have attracted your child to Invisalign braces is that they are virtually invisible. The braces are made of clear, custom-made plastic that makes them less noticeable. The braces fit right over your child’s teeth and do not have any wires or brackets like metal braces. Your child can wear the braces without worrying that his classmates or peers will know.

Another prime benefit of wearing Invisalign braces is that your child can eat whatever he wants. He does not have to wait to eat the foods he desires. When eating, your child can simply remove the braces and eat with his natural teeth. In fact, your child’s dentist may prefer that the braces are removed when eating. This means that no foods are off limit.

Because your child can remove the braces when he wants, he will have better oral hygiene than he would with metal braces. He can freely brush and floss his teeth and gums without having to navigate around brackets and wires. After he has thoroughly cared for his natural teeth, he can clean the Invisalign brace in a matter of seconds and pop it back in his mouth. He will be less likely to skip his dental hygiene routine with the Invisalign braces.

Due to the design of the Invisalign braces, they are more comfortable than metal braces. People who wear metal braces may experience discomfort from wearing them because of the brackets and wires. The brackets and wires can dig into the gums and cause them to become irritated. With Invisalign braces, your child will not have this concern. The braces have a smooth edge that does not cause mouth abrasions of any kind.

Depending on the severity of your child’s dental issue, the amount of time he needs to wear the braces can vary. Your dentist may recommend that the braces are worn for a period of up to thirty months. Some dentists have reported a decrease in the amount of time needed to correct the teeth while wearing the braces. The average Invisalign wearer typically wears them from nine to 18 months. Your dentist will determine how long your child needs to wear them.

As with metal braces, your child will have a period of adjustment while wearing them. It may take him a day or two to get used to having the Invisalign braces in his mouth. After that period, he can talk with confidence without fear that his words are slurred or impeded in any other way.

Another great thing about wearing Invisalign braces is that even if your child loses a tray, it will not impact the treatment. Your child’s dentist may advise your child to simply advance to the next tray that is in the series provided to him. If a replacement is needed, the dentist can order it for your child.

The cases in which the invisalign braces are stored is color-coded. This means your child will not have to wonder which tray to wear and when. By following the simple color-coding, your child will always have the right tray in and the right time. You will not have to constantly ask your child because he will know what to do.

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