Options for Infertility; In vitro, Adoption or Find a Surrogate Mother

There are infertility options for couples trying to have a baby to start a family: In vitro fertilization, the adoption process, or finding a surrogate mother.

There comes a time in most couples lives when they decide to start a family. For many, this means going off birth control and conceiving together naturally. For some, traditional methods of getting pregnant aren’t an option. Fortunately, the modern world offers a host of options for infertile couples. Popular options are to get an in vitro procedure done, find a surrogate mother, or adopt.

in vitro fertilization process
One of the options of infertility is the process of in vitro fertilization.

In vitro

In vitro is one option for infertility and one of the most advanced fertilization methods available today. It is used for couples who have tried every other method. Generally, infertility doctors like couples to wait a year before getting treatment because there are so many other factors that can prevent pregnancy.

If, after fertility exams, both partners are deemed able to reproduce, doctors will generally start the woman on Clomed, a medication used to increase the amount of eggs during ovulation. If Clomed is unsuccessful, the next step is artificial insemination, a process by which the male partner’s sperm is artificially introduced to the female’s egg inside her uterus.

If this still is unsuccessful, In vitro will be considered. This is where the entire fertilization process is done outside of the woman’s body. The eggs are harvested and fertilized with the sperm, and when conception has taken place, they are then put back into the uterus. This gives couples the opportunity to bear children who otherwise could not.


A second option for infertile couples is to find a surrogate mother. During this process, couples chose a woman to carry their baby the length of the pregnancy. It is an extensive process to find the right women to carry your baby. There is lots of paperwork and many interviews involved to help you find the right match. You want to find someone you trust to take care of themselves during the pregnancy and who will communicate with you frequently. This is an extremely expensive process. Luckily, odds are pretty high that at the end of it, you will have a baby.


For some couples, neither In vitro nor surrogacy are realistic options. Both are extremely expensive. One cycle of In vitro can cost up to $12,000 and it averages about $28,000. For couples wanting children without the money to fund these processes, adoption is a third viable option. While also pricey,  this can be less expensive than the alternatives.

It can also be a lengthy process. Copious amount of paperwork are necessary and getting the call do adoption can take anywhere from months to years. Although it can be emotionally challenging, receiving a baby and giving them a loving home is very rewarding. Your adoptive child becomes part of your family just as any baby born to you would.

Infertility today is at an all time high. Fortunately, you are not without options. Educate yourself about options available and consider how realistic it would be to try In vitro, find a surrogate mother, or adopt. Each of these options creates opportunity to start the family you’ve always wanted.

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