Impressive Smile

Impressive Bright White Smile Pro Teeth Whitening SystemYou may have heard about teeth whitening and are considering using an at-home kit for just such a purpose. Dental bleaching is the most rapid way to have a brighter smile. The most effective method is to use peroxide based teeth whitening gel and bleaching trays. Well, understanding a little bit about how the fastest form of dental whitening works may help you make the best teeth whitening decision, for your situation.

The peroxide in teeth whitening gel transforms into oxygen molecules. These molecules seep into the pores of your teeth demolish the stains that are trapped in them. Your teeth naturally have a bit of luster to them and stains dull that luster. When these stains are broken down, the once luminous quality of your teeth is then revealed. This can happen very quickly with peroxide teeth whitening gel. Many feel it is the best teeth whitening for the brief time factor, alone. This process can also whiten your teeth beyond their most natural white, but this may not be a good thing in all cases.