Helping People Who Have Suffered From A Hurricane

Hurricane damage casualty loss not only involves damage to entire homes, but also injuries and deaths. You may donate food, clothing and your services to disaster relief funds.

Being devastated by a hurricane is one of the worst things that could happen in a person’s life. When it passes by one’s home could mean the destruction of that entire home along with the properties inside it. Some say that it is better to suffer from a robbery. This is because only a few things are lost during robberies while almost every property is destroyed after a hurricane passed by.

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Donations to hurricane victims are relief supplies needed and also your services.

It would be ideal, not to mention, logical, to offer the help yourself and your business, if you have one, to those who have been devastated. Here are some tips on how you could help the victims.

Feed the Victims

Food is one of the top problems that people face after being devastated by a hurricane. Food is a basic human need and every human does not deserve to starve because of a natural disaster. Raid your pantry and look for canned goods and other foods that you could give to victims. You might also want to participate and have your business participate  in feeding programs that aim to satisfy their hungry bellies. Designate a place and an employee (s) to store and collect these foodstuffs and other items.

Donate stuff that you don’t use

Aside from food, clothes are also basic needs. You might have some clothes that you are not using anymore. If that is the case, you might want to gather those clothes and give them to those in need. Try not to give your worst-looking clothes.

Donate money

If you want, you could provide financial assistance to hurricane victims. You could always donate to funds like the Disaster Relief And Aid Fund, the American Red Cross and the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).

You might also want to offer your services to charity work. You might help rebuild. If you are a doctor or a hospital, you might want to volunteer doctors and nurses for the Red Cross so that you could help those who have suffer from injuries and wounds. You might also want to volunteer to help people find their missing loved ones.

Say a little prayer

A lot of people believe that prayer moves mountains. You never know how effective prayer could be unless you try it. Offer a prayer for those who are in difficult times.

Open your Home or your Business to the Victims

It is also ideal to open your home and business to hurricane victims. Of course, this can be a little risky since there are those who take advantage of people who have good hearts. That is why you need to choose carefully the people to whom you open your home.

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