Five Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Home safety is more than equipping your home with safety equipment like fire extinguishers. You also should drill your household with safety procedures.

How safe is your home? Home safety precaution measures like installing smoke detectors, getting non-skid mats or even handrails tend to keep everyone safe.  However, by only equipping your house with means to keep it safe does not mean you are prepared as well.

Safety should be a priority for the family in the household.
Safety should be a priority for the family in the household.

As they say, practice makes perfect.  You should practice safety procedures, just in case. Simple safety routines can mean the difference and they are not hard to practice. On the bright side, you can also make them into family games, just to make it fun. To freshen up your knowledge go over these five easy tips.

Fire hazard evasion

If you have smoke detectors, do not only use them as decoration, test them regularly to see if they are working, they just might save your life one day. Practice fire drills with your family, so that every household member knows exactly what to do and how to help the others. Buy smaller fire extinguishers that can be left around places that are most likely to cause fire hazards, and of course teach everyone in the house how to use one.

Cleanliness means safety

Keep poisonous chemicals out of children’s reach as well as all other sharp objects. If you had to call pest control, did you clean your house thoroughly enough for children to be safe? Remember, kids like to touch and taste everything, and to make sure they will have a safe house to play in, call cleaning services once a year. They will make sure that your house is as clean as a whistle.

Identify hazard causes

Make sure that all parts of your house are hazard free, by identifying where family members can trip or fall you can install safety measures to counter it. Keeping a clutter free house lessens the chances of someone having an accident, also remember to teach everyone in the house why clutter is bad. Pay special attention to staircases as they need the most care if you want to ensure everyone is safe.

Sharp tools and corners

Try to make corners of furniture padded so that your little tuckers can play around freely. Also, remember proper kitchen etiquette; knives and sharp tools or chemicals go to places where children cannot reach them, even if they tried. Hold house meetings regularly where you can discuss proper safety procedures for the kitchen.

Water safety

Come up with practices that will keep your family safe from dangerous water related accidents. A tub can be fun to play in, but what happens if no one is around to help you if you get underwater for too long? To evade situations where your family could get hurt, make sure there is always someone around to help each other. And if you have a pool, gates to the backyard are a must.


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